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Thursday, February 3, 2011

What a week!

Well who wishing for those snow days last week? Because we sure got them here in Texas.  Actually, I should clarify that what I'm really referring to are "ice/cold" days.  My kids have been out of school all week!  Monday they went to school; and early Tuesday morning that storm blew in dumping rain and sleet all over the metroplex.  I debated about going in to work.  My educator told us we'd follow the local school district as far as school closings go, but then she said we'd be really behind if we lost a day so we should try to make it in if at all possible.  She gave us a number to call to verify whether or not classes would be cancelled, but admonished us not to call before 7:45 a.m..  The roads were icy, but I had a route mapped out that didn't involve any highways or overpasses. I figured I'd just take my time and get there when I got there.  I made it about halfway driving 20 miles per hours before I decided to turn around and head back home.  Seeing an ambulance pulling away from a scene that looked like bumper cars at Six Flags with several tow trucks thrown in the mix should have been enough. Then I made it to a stop light where a car was having trouble getting traction. The truck beside me was spinning his wheels and I was just praying that I'd be able to move forward when the light turned green.  Before then, a small white car turning left in front of me lost control and came sliding sideways toward the hood of my car.  All I could do was keep my foot on the brake (so as not to be pushed backward into the cars behind and beside me), try to brace for the impact and pray that my van would still be drivable.  Luckily, his front tires hit the median beside my van and he stopped a couple of feet away. He and I were able to go on our merry little ways.  I was so thankful to make it home safely...what was I thinking trying to get to work in that mess?  About a mile from my house the educator reached me by my cell phone and informed me that classes were cancelled.  Good enough for me!
Needless to say, schools have been closed all week and will remain closed tomorrow.  My kiddoes couldn't be happier--they have a 6-day weekend.  Unfortunately, I don't think the temperature has risen above the 20's all week and the ice just isn't going away (well, except on the highways and roads that affect Super Bowl Traffic, that is), so it's not like they can go outside and "play" in the ice. I did go to work on Wednesday and today. I'm supposed to report tomorrow as well.  We were informed that hospitals are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and nurses are considered essential employees (translation: get your buns to work no matter what even if it means driving in the night before and crashing on a cot somewhere until your shift begins or spending the night after your shift if you're supposed to be right back the following morning.  I have an extra set of scrubs and toiletries in my car even as I type this!
Training is going well so far.  I'm getting a little antsy to get to the business of patient care, but will gladly accept whatever skills reviews they have to offer to help me keep my patients safe when I do finally get to work with them.
I'm guessing there will be no Five Question Friday this week as hostess Mama M. over at My Little Life has experienced an unexpected tragedy in her family.  Please keep her and her family uplifted in prayer. Click here to visit her blog and  let her know you're thinking of them in their time of grief. Until next time, my friends...stay warm and snuggle with the ones you love.


  1. Man Its hard to hear of Texas having such cold weather. Hoping it melts away during the weekend!

  2. Please stay safe. We've been struggling with this icy, snowy weather for the past month, and I've had a few close calls too as far as sliding and getting involved in accidents. I hope the weather will get better for you, so you won't have to travel in it on the way to work. Take care Eastlyn!

  3. The schools keep closing here also! It has been some winter and we are ready for spring! I hope you are doing well my friend! Hang in there! Before you know it the temperature will rise and your kids will be back in school. Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  4. Wouldn't it happen that just when you started a new job, snow hits Texas of all places!!! Too bad it's iced over though and you can't enjoy it. We're so glad to be out of the crazy snowy weather now and starting to get back to normal. But if I can't get my kids outside to play soon, we're going to go crazy!!!

  5. Im having Wilborn-White withdraws. lol Hope everything is going well! :)