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Sunday, January 3, 2010

A strategy

It's only the third of January and already I feel like I'm about 345 days behind where I'd like to be. I tell Mike and the kids all of the time about the concept of intentionality. It's not enough to simply desire something (as in I wish my house was clean) or just intend to do something. You must formulate a plan, set measurable goals and take action for your "desire" or intention to come to fruition. So, I have decided I need a strategy for my family to all come together and participate to achieve some goals that will make our household run more smoothly and efficiently. I've decided to focus on one task or concept for each month of the year, so I need 12 ideas that are general enough that they can include more than one or two tasks but specific enough to not be overwhelming. I'm putting this in my blog of all places so that I can refer back to it on the one hand and maybe receive input from outsiders on the other hand. I'll put down what I have so far, and maybe you can help me add to them. These are for my own benefit as well as my kids. Some months back we developed a weekly menu planning "aide":
Mama Mia Monday (spaghetti, lasagna, pasta & alfredo), Tex-Mex Tuesday (tacos, enchilada casserole, taquitos & beans), One-dish Wednesday (casseroles, soups, stews), Luby's (leftovers) night Thursday, Finger Food Friday (burgers, pizza & such). Suggestions are always welcome from anyone who wants to offer their input about the menu. We don't always follow it religiously, but this way people know what to expect, and it makes grocery shopping for the week a lot easier. Anyway, I point was that organization (my ultimate goal in life) is much more effective when everyone is involved and they feel their input is taken seriously.
January: First things first
This will be a lesson in prioritizing or learning what is a "must do" vs a "wanna do." The kids will focus on emptying the dishwasher/recycling and completing homework before firing up games and the television. I will focus on staying on task: finish one thing before I start another (or at least have a plan to complete what I start within reason)
February: A place for everything
This will be a challenge for sure. We have accumulated so much stuff in just under 16 years it is unbelievable! From my "Sanford and Son" husband who thinks everyone's cast-offs are great deals to my ever-increasing supply of scrapbook stuff (and ever decreasing amount of time to dedicate to my craft), to the kids' old toys, games, etc, to just plain, old-fashioned clutter! I think we'll start by putting stuff that has a place in it's proper place then focus the remainder of the month on designating places for stuff that just tends to lie around.
March: Everything in it's place
This is kind of a natural progression or continuation of February's finding a place for everything goal.
April: Free to Be Clutter Free
I just liked the play on my favorite kids' video Free to Be You and Me. Don't really have a "plan in mind for this title, but I'll keep thinking. Actually, this should be the month we focus on getting the outdoors ready summer entertaining, too. Feel free to jump in there and add a comment below.
May: (this is finals and graduation month; maintaining one's sanity may be the main focus here)
June: If you don't know, let it go
Once the kids are out of school and I'm done with the NCLEX-RN exam, we can focus on some much-needed purging. If you don't know where all the parts are...if you don't know the last time you've worn it...if you don't know how long it's been in's time to let it go!
Well, that's at least half of the year. I'll continue this dialogue at another time. I'm thinking July may have something to do with healthy living and eating for the summer (as in maintaining some semblance of a schedule/routine that includes healthy snacks, exercise and plenty of rest). Until next time...

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