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Friday, April 30, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Just puttering around online while my house sleeps. I can hear Mike snoring through the wall between our bedroom and my office, but other than that (and the tick of my wall clock) the house is quiet. I have been reviewing NCLEX questions and oncology notes for most of the evening and felt like taking a little break. Of course, my original plan was to fall in the bed as soon as the kids were tucked in around 10:30. Then, it was like, "Oh, let me just finish reviewing this page of notes. Well, there's only 6 pages total and I'm already on page 3, so I might as well finish the packet." From there I remembered Cousin Barrett mentioning he had posted a comment to my blog, so I logged on. I checked out a couple of the blogs I follow and was amused with their updates. Then I decided I was tired of the purple bunny and kind of difficult to read text on my blog. Being a cradle Catholic I realize that there are still 2 Sundays of Easter left, but I was ready for a change. After several unsuccessful attempts to log on to "the cutest blog on the block," I found this new background on "hot bliggety blog" (cute name, huh?) and it reminded me of the festive skirts of the ballet folklorico dancers. In turn, that reminded me that Cinco de Mayo is just days away. I'll have to plan my Mexian fiesta for Wednesday instead of our traditional "Tex-Mex Tuesday" theme this week. I have a new overnight taco casserole recipe I think I'll try. I'll have to do black bean salsa and guacamole. Mmmmm! I'd better start getting my list together. First I have to get through my final exam on Monday and my summative evaluation with my instructor on Tuesday. Wednesday will certainly be a great day for celebrating! Until next time (which may be after Cinco de Mayo has come and gone which is why I mention it here on el primero de mayo)

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