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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Two days in a row?!

Back again, followers. Yep, I'm actually writing back to back entries just like in the olden days. This won't be long as it is already 10:30 (I'm missing SNL) and there are still dishes to do, laundry to finish and a Sunday school lesson to review before I can rest my head. I did get most of the grocery shopping done, even if I did forget my avocados at Aldi Grocery store.
I made my usual round robin to Aldi, Tom Thumb & Kroger before returning home to throw some burgers on the George Foreman grill. While at Tom Thumb I misplaced my keys. I didn't realize it until I had checked out and was headed to my car. I patted my jacket keys. I dug around in my purse for a moment (my cashier's lane was closed after me) keys. I searched the basket in the event that I had dropped them in there and they hadn't slipped through the keys. I started to feel just a little ancy. I went out to the van to see if by chance I had left them in the ignition with the doors unlocked. The van was there, thank heavens, but the doors were locked. Since I always use the remote access to lock the doors, I knew I had the keys in my possession upon entering the store. I marched my basket of groceries back into the store and asked if anyone had turned in keys to the customer service desk. No, but someone had just turned in a huge purse someone left in a shopping cart. I retraced my steps through the store. Did I set them down when I was digging for the supreme pizza with self-rising crust? No. Did I drop them in the aisle when I bent down to grab the second to last bag of Mission Tortilla chips? No. I'm thinking I probably would have heard/felt them if I had. Hmmm, I wondered where my keys could be. I was anxious to get back to the front of the store and make sure someone hadn't found them and was out there clicking the remote access about to ride off in my wheels. (After all, 6-year old Honda Odyssey minivans are a hot commodity amongst those of us with kids and extended family!) At this point, I'm ready to call mom and ask her to head to my house, retrieve my spare set of keys and meet me in front of Tom Thumb. I sauntered back to the front of the store trying my darndest not to look as rattled as I felt. I would call mom and get that ball rolling. Then, I'd have a seat in the "bistro" area and methodically remove everything from my purse and then from my bags of groceries. I had 3 or 4 reusable bags filled with groceries and a couple more that were not in use. So, I called Tia and began searching through the bags. The keys were in the "empty" reusable bag. I thanked Tia and told her I wouldn't be in need of her services after all. I'm sure she was as relieved to not have to come to my rescue as I was to have found my keys. Thanks, Saint Anthony, you're the best! Moral of the story: be consistent with where you put your keys. I normally drop them in my purse, but I don't know if I accidentally dropped them in the bag thinking it was my purse because I was distracted by the sale on the seedless watermelons or what. That's all for now; until next time...

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