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Monday, November 15, 2010

It is in giving that we receive

My goodness!  All weekend I was thinking of posting about my trip to the grocery store last Friday, and I never got around to doing it.  Today, I logged on to see that I was a featured blogger for my friend, Danielle, at My Life in Jenga for her Sunday blog hop, Swing by Sunday.  If only I had updated my blog!  Well, here goes...
With the holidays fast approaching, everyone's in need of donations to help those in need.  My daughter's band director e-mailed a list of needed items for Thanksgiving baskets.  On Friday I needed cash to purchase tickets to the high school playoff game so I stopped by the grocery store near my house.  At this particular store you can get cash back in any amount, not just increments of $20.  I went down the baking aisle since I needed a cake mix anyway and noticed apple pie filling was on sale, too.  I added a can to my basket since that was one of the items on the band director's list.  When I went to check out, the pie filling rang up regular price instead of the sale price.  It was only 20 cents difference, but 20 cents is 20 cents, right?  I didn't want to hold up the line, so I completed the transaction, paid for my things, doubled back down the baking aisle to make sure I hadn't read the sign wrong, and finally skipped over to customer service where there was no line.  I explained the mix-up, and the customer service rep went to check for herself.  Sure enough she brought back the tag and refunded my money--not just the 20 cents, but the full amount for the pie filling.  I tried to explain that I still wanted the pie filling, and she explained that if it rings up the wrong price then it's free!  Woo-hoo, score one for Team Charity. 
This experience reminded me of my cousin who had a minor "accident" in her new car when she skipped school one day.  The only words she could remember as she tried to figure out how she was going to explain this to her parents was her father telling her, "When you do bad things, bad things happen."  Well, I just want to put a different spin on that phrase, "When you do good things, good things happen."
My next trip to the grocery store I picked up a couple canned vegetables and instant mashed potatoes to go in the baskets as well.  Times have been very tight this year as I finished my schooling without working.  I came pretty close to needing one of those baskets myself!  I think it is oh so important to give what you can when you can to help another because you just never know when you may be the one in need.  God is so good-my family and I haven't gone hungry yet!

Speaking of hungry...I am so sorry about the candy corn cookie recipe I have been meaning to post.  I started the post but have been having technical difficulties with my computer at home, so I haven't finished the post.  In the meantime, you can check out the Land O' Lakes site where I found the recipe (click <here>).  I made them for Halloween, but they'll be cute for your Thanksgiving table, too.


  1. Great stories E-! You are so right, when you do good things, good things happen. I really do believe that. That's why your momma has been blessed with all the wonderful kids and grandkids that she has, because she is such a fine woman. And you, look at you, you are rich beyond counting with all the love that surrounds you. The love you give just flows right back to you!

  2. Eastlyn, you are SO right! What goes around, comes around. You never, ever know! And of course good things will always come your way because you are such a giver. God IS good.

  3. It is so important to always give of yourself. Great post! I love anything with candycorn! I hope you are doing well my friend! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  4. Hey Eastlyn! It's so good to hear from you and read and catch up with what you've been up too! This is such a busy time of year - just pace yourself and don't worry about the candy corn cookie recipe. :)

    Your mix up at the store story reminded me that last week my mom went to the store and instead of ringing her up for 2 lemons, they rang her up for 200!!!

  5. I'm a massive believer in karma, Eastlyn. What goes around comes around - the good and the bad. Being kind is what makes everything in life that extra bit lovelier. x

  6. That is so cool that you got it for free! You are so right about when you do good things, good will happen! I hope everything is going well for you and that you are having a wonderful week!