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Monday, June 22, 2009

Just another manic Monday

It's 11:59 p.m according to my office clock, and I'm already blogging. There's a good chance I'll be in bed before 1:00 a.m.! How exciting is that? (Very, if you're me.) I had a busy day full of squeezing in things that weren't really planned in advance.
First off, my instructor didn't show for class--some family business with her mother who is not well, so we were dismissed. Do I stay on campus and study, join the group at IHOP on Altamesa to study, go home and run the risk of get side-tracked with laundry, dishes, etc.? I opted for the latter. I figured with 3 "extra" hours I could put a big dent in my nursing care study, finish my online assessments and finish my process recording. Maybe not the most realistic expectations, but shoot for the moon and miss with the stars, right? By noon I think I had read and responded to several e-mails, finished one assessment and started another, completed my observations papers from the support group and 12-step meetings I attended over the weekend, and not touched my process recording or nursing care study. I'd say that wasn't too shabby!
I called Shannon to tell her we were on our way to pick up the kids, then called the Guerins. They were home in Cedar Hill, TX so we made plans to join them for lunch and visit with John-John before he returns to Iraq on Wednesday. We enjoyed pizza and a nice quiet visit.
On the way home we decided to stop by Tender Loving Care where Jessie (Mike's mom) lives now. She was quite subdued kind of like I feel now...just on the brink of nodding off. It's really hard on the kids. Talking to "old" people is bad enough let alone one with dementia who may or may not know you or understand anything you're talking about! Aaron & Alisa are real troopers.
We then stopped by PaPa & Tia's house (my parents) to deliver fundraiser cookie dough from my nephew and some sausage links they'd left at my sister's house. Upon arriving at home sweet home (around 5:45 p.m.) I grabbed a glass of green tea with honey and ginseng hoping it would pep me up some. My big dilemma was: do I nap or forge straight thru the school work and try to get to bed "early"? Obviously, I was unsuccessful with both. Some of my school work is done, but it's 12:22 a.m. and I'm still up (and fading fast, I might add). I've got to call it a night so I'll be alert for tomorrow's exam and lecture. Good night. Until the next time...

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