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Monday, June 29, 2009

No more naps

I learned some disturbing news in class this morning--naps are not good for you! Actually, we were studying the stages of sleep and how illnesses (especially mental illness) can affect them and also how sleep or lack thereof can affect one's illness(es). My instructor informed us that if one must nap, early in the day is preferred to late in the afternoon or evening. And, naps should be limited to 30 minutes or 2 hours. The rationale is that 30 minutes gives you a boost, but doesn't give your body enough time to get into the REM sleep and 2 hours gives you time to complete one full sleep cycle. Anything in between is contraindicated as it disturbs the REM sleep making you feel worse than not having a nap at all. So, as I sit here typing at 5:42 p.m. I am longing for a nap, but am debating the wisdom behind dropping everything and going for it. Let's see, there are dishes to wash, laundry to fold, dinner to prepare and notes to study/review. I'm thinking a nap sounds like a pretty good alternative to all of the above!
The kids are out in the pool. I just poke my head out from time to time and make sure everything is okay. Missy is destined to stay indoors this time around because she doesn't know how not to tear her little paws up gripping the rough deck and leaning in towards the pool to bark at the kids. She is not happy, but what can ya do?
I've been pondering where so much of my time goes, and I think I've figured it out. This morning before class (we started at 10 a.m. vs 8 a.m. today) , I sat down at my computer just to see if there were any e-mail messages or comments on my blog. The time was 8:50. I planned to get up, shower and be on the road by 9:15. What seemed like mere minutes later I glanced up at the clock and already it was 9:15. And that, my friends, is how time gets away from us! That's probably no big revelation, but that was a very "real" example to me. Ten minutes turned into 25 before I even realized it. Yesterday, hours passed as I was trying to download a photo from my camera to another blogspot "profile." I guess now that I am aware, the proper thing to do would be to set limits just like I try to do with the kids: 1/2 hour to blog each day, and 1/2 -1 hour to check/respond to e-mails. That seems pretty reasonable to me.
My finger his healing pretty nicely. I can't quit fiddling with the dead skin surrounding the cut. I'd better get my cuticle trimmers and snip it before I'm tempted to tear it and cause more damage.
My oil light came on in my car yesterday, and I remembered an oil change was way overdue. After I left class, picked up A & A, and dropped Xavier by College for Kids (no sense in Derrick having to pack Leyla up an get out in the heat when I had to go right past campus), I zipped by home to balance (reconcile) the checkbook. What I saw didn't look good, especially considering last Friday was payday, so we won't see anymore income until July 10th! There will be no 5 12-packs of soft drinks for $10.88 this week. We'll be doing good to get a loaf of bread to have sandwiches for lunch and dinner for the rest of the next two weeks! I needed the oil change nonetheless, so I called "Baby Brother" (that's one of many names I call Mike's younger brother even though he's older than I am) who works at the dealership. He wasn't forthcoming with the usual "Just tell the girls at the front desk I said to give you my discount," so I didn't push the issue. He did tell me to go online and I could find a coupon there. I did and off to the dealership we went: $19.99 oil change coupon in hand. We arrived at the dealership and were told it would take about 45 problem, I had my laptop and textbook with me. After about ten minutes, however, the young man calls me outdoors and explains that my battery is all but dead, and they can replace it right now for $131.00 which includes free replacement for the first 3 years and prorated cost for each month after the first 36. I graciously declined the offer. I know it's the nature of the beast called "sales" to always find something extra to charge for, but that drives me insane! What if I didn't have a debit card or credit card (which would be unheard of in today's society), and I went to the dealership with $19.99 plus tax to get my oil changed? Then, I should be able to get just my oil changed, that's what, without additional "pressure" sales. Now, I'm nervous that my battery will die any minute now, like 7:30 a.m. on Thursday when I'm trying to get to campus to take my final for 8:00! Please say a prayer for me and my car!
The time is now 6:21. I believe I have surpassed my allotted 30 minutes for blogging. Dinner needs my attention because my stomach is growling there will be two very hungry preteens crawling out of the pool in the next half hour or so. It's looking like no nap 30 minutes or otherwise tonight. *sigh* I'm thinking something simple like spaghetti and meat sauce with some of that zucchini my neighbor brought me yesterday. Good night (I wish). Until next time...

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  1. i should have posted my comment last night while it was still fresh in my mind. ive already forgotten what i was gonnay say!...anyway, that is terrible news about naps. i only take them on the weekends, so hopefully it wont mak eme too mentally ill :)

    sounds like the pool came together pretty quickly! all of that hard work has payed off so far, good job!