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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rainforest Cafe

Me and Hubby

Big (okay, "older") Brother and the Birthday Girl

I'm so busy popping in on other blogs and relishing the comments you guys are leaving on my posts that I almost forgot to publish something new. I can definitely see how one could get behind with this blog business!
Yesterday, we did take Alisa to Rainforest Cafe to celebrate her 12th birthday. I cringed inwardly as I thought about the trek across the metroplex and overpriced menu items, but it was all she asked for--no long list of wants/gifts, no cake, no fanfare. I figured letting her choose where she wanted to go was the least I could do, so I sucked it up and we headed out.
For those of you who might not have been to the Rainforest Cafe be forewarned that it is an extremely fun place to visit unless you are 2 years old and afraid of life-like mechanical animals that come to life every 15 minutes in a dimly lit atmosphere. The family seated at the table next to ours chose to pack it up and leave shortly after their drinks were served rather than torture their terrorized little daughter further. I wanted to lean over and tell them that "this, too, shall pass...give her a couple more years and read some jungle-related books with cool, lifelike pictures in the meantime" but I didn't. They didn't ask for my advice. I personally liked the elephants trumpeting and waving their large ears back and forth, but that picture came out a little too dark.
On the way home I stopped by my sister's home and swapped Alisa for my nephew. My sister took Alisa to the movies to see Grown Ups; I took my nephew home to ride go-karts with my son. Alisa ordered a huge brownie sundae at the Studio Movie Grill with her Aunt Shannon. Here's hoping she enjoyed her day. It seems like not so long ago (certainly not 12 years ago) that I was pregnant and anxiously awaiting her arrival.
While I'm on the subject of celebrations and enjoying one's day, I'm weighing my options for celebrating my graduation/passing the NCLEX. I'm thinking it may involve authentic Mexican Food as in a run for the border. Alas, that will have to wait just a little while until I'm gainfully employed and have the funds available. Meanwhile, I'll use what's left of my graduation money and finally go and get that massage I've been dreaming of and treat myself to a hunk of red velvet cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. Yes, that sounds like a good plan to me! Until next time...


  1. great pics e, thanks for posting!

  2. You deserve a big celebration for your graduation and passing the NLEX! Happy happy birthday to Alisa, may she have a helathy life all through out and a bright future ahead.

    By the way, I added you in my "Blogs I love to Visit" list at my Nostalgic Marveling blog. I know how busy you are but I would love it if you can join us in my Nostalgia Meme every Thursday. I am sure that you have a lot of good experiences that you can share with us. Just a though of Inviting you. Glad to "met" you in blogging, I am inspired by your posts.

  3. Thank you, Chubskulit. I will stop by Nostalgic Marveling a little later this evening and see what Nostalgia Meme is on Thursdays. I'm new to participating in themed blog stuff, but it sounds like a ton of fun. -EW

  4. Yes! You do deserve a celebration! Your family is beautiful!!

  5. My daughter loves the Rainforest's a splendid place for dinner, although you are right - totally overpriced! I'm glad your daughter enjoyed her birthday.

    And, Red Velvet Cheesecake - I want some so badly!

    Congrats on the test - you are amazing!

  6. I love the Rainforest Cafe too! In Florida there's a similar one with a dinosaur theme. T-Rex I think it's called.

    I'm just a big kid at heart. Now that my kids are grown, I'm borrowing my cousin's kids to do these things with until I have grandkids.

  7. who is the guy with his arm around you? huh, huh?