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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday...

Well friends, don't go into shock over two posts in the same month! I'm trying to do better about making time for the things I want (and need) to do. So far, wants in I want to blog but I need to sleep, do laundry, vacuum the carpet, wash dishes, clean my bathroom counter, etc.
Just thought I'd examine the cycle of clutterdom and see if anyone out there in the blogosphere can relate...
I get off work after 12+ hours, and I'm psyched to be heading home. With the last bit of energy in my reserve tank I think of what I can do once I arrive. I'm almost giddy with anticipation. Should I throw on some workout gear and head to the Y for a 30 minute workout? Better yet, let me just change into a t-shirt and shorts and walk around the block (why burn up the extra gas with the prices going up for Memorial Day weekend?). Yeah, that's it, I'll take the dog; she'll love the fresh air and exercise, too. Maybe I'll clear clutter off of the kitchen table for 15 minutes. That wouldn't put a dent in the pile, but at least it would be something. That's a good option, too.
*bing* marks an incoming text from my son just before I make it home: "If you could plz take my laundry out of the washer and put it in the dryer. You can throw my comforter in my room or something." Okay, so let's add a little laundry to my 15 power minutes.
I pass the yard guys heading opposite me on the street and know they will be returning to collect payment for services rendered. Where did I put that envelope with their money in it? Did I tape it to the front door? Set it on top of the piano?
I pull into my driveway and sure enough here comes the red pick up with the lawn crew in it. Okay, so now I have to run in and find that envelope and remember to get my stuff out of the car so last night's "lunch" dishes can be washed and refilled for work tonight. The envelope is NOT taped to the front door or on the piano. Shucks! Where did I leave it? Ahhh, I found it on the office desk (will wonders never cease?!).
I feed the dog who is lingering around her empty bowl as if she hasn't been fed. I know she probably has NOT been fed because her youthful owners had to catch the bus and were probably running late and doing good to feed themselves this morning. I go outside to retrieve the recycle bin and haul it back into the garage until next week. Don't forget to put the garbage out, too.  Speaking of garbage, I think there are a couple of science experiments growing in containers in the frig that need to go out with the garbage. Dedicate my morning to cleaning the frig? Nope, there are dishes in the sink from last night, and that would take way longer than the 5 out of 15 minutes of energy I have left.
*Ring, ring* The home phone is ringing when I enter the house with the empty bin, but I do not answer in time. *deedle dee dee, deedle dee, deedle dee dee dum* My cell phone rings next. It's the hubs calling to inform me that he is working late and that I need to take care of the high schoolers this afternoon. Well, shoot! I'm thankful for the extra hours he's picked up, but I have to work tonight, too. I'm suddenly tired. The wind has been knocked out of my sails just thinking of how tired I will be for work tonight. If I have to get up early to take my daughter to chops class at 4:00 and pick her up an hour later and drop my son at 5:15 and then head to work and make sure someone is there to pick him up at 7, this is seriously going to cut my sleeping time short!! Maybe I should abandon all thoughts of exercise and cleaning...
Comforter is still damp...leave it in dryer for a bit longer. Meanwhile, get online and pay that overdue Old Navy bill, check emails right quick. Do NOT click on daily dish. Don't do it I say (to myself).
*Yawn* Okay, so I'll blog about how my 15 minutes of productivity turned into 60 minutes of blogging and call my mom and beg her to pick up her grandson from the teachers' retirement party where the jazz band is playing tonight...
This post really has very little to do with clutterdom after all, except that it is still there, untouched and getting more out of control with each passing day because of days like this! If I sign off now, I'll get approximately 4.5 hours of sleep to get me through another 12+ hour shift at work tonight. I'd better pack an extra coffee mug in my lunchbox.
Thanks for listening to the ravings of a sleep-deprived, priority-challenged madwoman. Until next time.
BTW, my daughter called me at work last night. She loves me and misses me again while I'm at work **warm fuzzies** just like in the olden days.

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