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Saturday, August 8, 2009

A bath at last

I love to laugh. Usually, the sillier something is the better (to a certain extent). I am a huge fan of both Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes comic strips. I remember one cartoon where Calvin asked Hobbs what he'd wish for if he had a single wish. Hobbes answered, "a sandwich." Calvin went into a diatribe about what a stupid answer that was: "Talk about a failure of the imagination! I'd ask for a trillion, billion dollars, my own space shuttle, and a private continent." At the end of the strip Hobbes is in the kitchen eating his sandwich. He tells Calvin, "I got my wish." So, I ask is it better to set your sights "realistically" even when dreaming and feel the sense of accomplishment when you achieve your goal. Or, is it better to shoot for the moon and miss in the stars?
My main prioritiy today was getting the dog bathed. She smells, well, like a dog. Everytime she goes outside in the heat for any period of time her dog smell is amplified upon her return into the house. Mike laughs all of the time because the "Mike" we got Missy from talked about what an outdoor dog Missy is, and how we'll practically have to drag her in to eat and what not. She is totally the opposite. At times we have to force her outdoors to do her business, and she usually does not tarry long. Anyway, I did manage to bathe the dog this afternoon and, therefore, my day was complete!
In the morning, I spent my obligatory hour outdoors scrubbing the pool which still has a slight green tint to it, but is improving, and pulling weeds in preparation of bathing the dog (I'd hate to inadvertently water the weeds while hosing down the dog). Aaron was actually up and I recruited him to help scrub and backwash. I also ventured out to Walmart Superstore in search of soda ash for the pool to no avail (I did, however, pick up a few groceries and school supplies). Then, I ran by Leslie's because I knew they'd have the soda ash. I returned home and put away the groceries and gathered Missy's bath supplies. She's a smart dog and realized exactly what I was up to. It took some effort to get her chained to her "bathspot" in the back yard. Missy received a little reprieve when Morris Baker, my former boss at the Dallas Peace Corps recruiting office, who is otherwise known as "Uncle Buddy" called to update me on what's happening in his life these days.
I bathed Missy then came in and bathed myself before eating a peanut butter sandwich and lying down for a nap (which was well-deserved, I might add). The kids were busy watching Race to Witch Mountain, and Mike had drifted off to sleep on the couch.
After my nap (3:00-ish to almost 5 p.m.) I stayed in my office organizing old receipts and bills. The desk is coming along, but I have a long way to go. I wanted gumbo for dinner, but I figured it was a little too late at 7:00 to be trying to pull that off. Lucky for me a found some in my freezer. I put on some rice in the rice steamer, defrosted and heated the gumbo, sliced the last of my yummy watermelon and dinner was served.
Alisa, Aaron & I played monopoly and Alisa cleaned our clocks (or at least wiped out our bank accounts!) She loves to play when she is winning...not so much when she loses. At any rate, it's past my bedtime, and I'm heading to 8:00 mass in the morning, so I'll close for now. Good night. Until next time...

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