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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

What a busy week so far! I was originally going to do just one blog with a "snapshot" of my week thus far; however, the blog continued to grow and grow and take on a life of its own. So, I will break it down day by day instead for those of you who have small snatches of time to read vs "nothing better to do all day long!"
Monday, Mike was supposed to go in to work for somebody, so he got up, ate a big breakfast and headed out around noon. I had been by to check on Barrett’s apartment in his absence, and Mike awaited my return before leaving for work. Within the hour he was back. Apparently his coworker had called in sick instead of taking a personal day so Mike could pick up her shift. That doesn’t happen often, but I really hate it when it does happen! Now, not only does Mike not make the extra bucks, but he has wasted gas driving out to the airport and back for nothing. (Not to mention the fact that I get a lot more done when Mike’s not around.) At least Mike & Aaron would have a chance to get our yard or Jessie’s (Mike’s mother) yard cut since he wasn’t at American.
Later that evening, I took Alisa to Walmart to spend her gift card. She did really well—a pair of jeans and 2 pair of casual shoes (canvas tennis & Mary Janes), and she only had to add a couple of dollars to her gift card. I think she’s beginning to understand that everything costs more than you’d expect when you’re shopping on a budget. I think she was watching the Ross commercials where you can “get 3 outfits for the same price you’d pay for one at department stores” without realizing that each of the Ross outfits probably cost $20 to $30 a piece (on a good day). We stopped by Lo Jr. & Lani’s on the way home to visit a few minutes and retrieve the “lactose-free reduced fat milk” the kids left behind. Thanks, Lani, for the yummy taffy from Coeur d’Alene Resort Shopping Plaza! I love the black licorice (first time trying that flavor ever!) and the caramel apple. Also, you can’t ever go wrong with the peppermint (white taffy with red stripes on the sides).
William Wilcott had called me before Alisa & I left home to tell me PaPa John’s was having a half-off pizza sale which ended the same day. He ordered an everything on it for about $10.00. I had just been thinking about the fact that we rarely had pizza on Mondays even though Mondays are designated as “Mama mia” Monday on our meal planning calendar (when we get around to planning menus, that is). We usually fix something Italian: pasta alfredo with chicken & broccoli, spaghetti, lasagna, etc… I kept that thought in the back of my mind as Alisa was shopping. Then Chermain called. She is my dear friend and the godmother of both of my kids. She and John (her husband & the kids’ godfather) had a bunch of non-kid-friendly errands to run on Tuesday and wondered if their girls (ages 13 and 9) could spend the day with Aaron & Alisa tomorrow. I said sure, they could come and swim, too, if they wanted. I had to rethink my pizza for dinner, though, figuring pizza was always a quick and easy lunch plan after a good swim.
Well, Alisa & I stayed a little longer than expected at Lo Jr. & Lani’s, and I knew the boys (i.e., Mike & Aaron) would be ready to eat when we walked in the door as we had left them doing yard work. So, we stopped by Sonic to get chicken strip sandwiches from their $1 menu. I borrowed a 5-spot from Alisa and ordered Mike a Limeade chiller as well (the kids & I had chillers the day before when I picked them up after my weekend away). I handed our server exact change along with the coupon for the chiller, and she handed me the drink and bag of sandwiches. I didn’t remember getting a receipt, and I made the fatal (well, not really fatal, but…) mistake of not checking the contents of my bag before I pulled off. I called home to tell the boys we were on our way and ask Aaron to put some tater tots in the toaster oven.
As you might have guessed, when we sat down to eat I discovered there were only three sandwiches in the bag. I had clearly ordered and paid for four chicken strip sandwiches. I didn’t feel like going to the car to search for a receipt, but I did grab the phone book and look up the number. I called and the phone rang and rang and rang. No one ever answered. Mike opted for a ham and cheese sandwich even though that’s probably what he had eaten when he came in from work, too (that’s definitely one of the things I love about the man…he truly is not picky about what he eats!). The rest of us ate our sandwiches, tater tots and watermelon.

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