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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Graduation Day

When I taught at Advent Lutheran Parent's Day Out, I always looked forward to the end of the year program when the preschoolers would proudly sing (or rather yell) to the tune of I've been working on the railroad: "I've been going to my pre-school all the whole year long. I've been going to my preschool, and I've learned a lot of songs. I can count and say my letters, I know my colors, too. I've been going to my preschool all the whole year through. Graduation day, graduation day, graduation day is finally here. Graduation day, graduation day, graduation day is finally here! The proud graduates would raise their rolled pieces of paper like the statue of liberty holds her torch. Though I haven't worked for PDO (now known as Advent Christian Preschool) for a couple of years, this is Sasha's year to graduate from the 4-year-old class and move on to kindergarten in the fall.
Unfortunately, I missed her ceremony because I was too busy singing the chorus to the diddy myself. Today I, also, sang, "Graduation Day, graduation day, graduation day is finally here! I was a little concerned that I was seat #1538 out of 1600 or so students. I asked the young graduates on either side of me to please nudge me should I fall asleep (spoken like a true rest-broken "nontraditional" student). It was extremely warm in the Fort Worth Convention Center, but we all survived.
Despite several calls back and forth between Barrett, I didn't see any of my family until I headed around the arena about to march across the stage. Two "kids" I used to babysit also graduated along with me (I say "kids", but they're grown with children of their own): Jonathan Cotter & Charyse Royal. Congrats to you guys! I'm awfully proud of you.
Now that my graduation is over and done with, it's time to celebrate all of the May birthdays this Saturday and to prepare for Alisa's graduation which is just 2 weeks away...Oi vey!(sp?)
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  1. Congratulations!!!!!! That's so fantastic! Now what will you do with all your free time? :)

  2. Thanks, Nicole! Funny you should mention "free time"! After being in school again (and more importantly being DONE with school again), working 40 hours a week outside the home will probably feel like a cake walk, especially since many of the nursing postions are 3-12 hour shifts per week. I plan to get some organizing done around the house and get my craft room set up so I can catch up on my scrapbooking.