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Monday, May 3, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah, hallelujah halle-e-lu-jah. That's my rendition of the hallelujah chorus just in case you couldn't hear the orchestra in the background. I took my final final exam of the Tarrant County College Nursing Program this morning! All that's left now is my Summative Evaluation with my clinical instructor tomorrow morning. Then the pinning ceremony on May 13th and Graduation Day on May 18th. Of course, I'll be studying for NCLEX until I register to take the exam some time soon after graduation. Once my final grades are in, the school will submit an affidavit saying that I passed and Pearson Vue will send me an "authorizaiton to test" at which time I can schedule my NCLEX exam. Keep those prayers coming.
Speaking of keeping prayers coming, I am now "actively" seeking employment. I have put applications in at a couple of hospitals, but not really followed up. Now that exams are over, my focus is on the job search. After all is said and done, my interest is still with labor and delivery. I've really waffled with taking any old job (several recruiters from long term acute care facilities have visited the campus) just to say I have one and waiting for what I'm looking for. The problem with LTAC facilities is there is no possibility of "transferring" to L&D after a year or two. They would invest their time and energy into training me on cardiac monitors and respirators, then I'd be ready to leave and pursue my real passion. That, to me, is unfair to us both. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will guide me to just the right job.
Finally, I want to give a "shout out" to my cousin Barrett. Yes, the very one who often stands accused for one thing or another. Thanks for the random act of kindness. (To celebrate my completion of nursing school, he surprised me with a decadent slice of heaven in the form of chocolate cake layered with chocolate and vanilla mousse and covered with "tartufo" icing--all of which can be translated to "scrum-yump-tious".) You certainly didn't have to do that, but I'm honored that you did.
I mentioned the Pinning Ceremony (which I've only been talking about for at least the past 6 weeks) to Mike, and lo and behold, he has taken someone else's shift that evening. His coworker will be out of town guessed it-someone's graduation ceremony. Mike is only 90% to blame in this. I have recently diagnosed him with CRS syndrome (as Fr. LeDoux defines it "can't remember scripture" but you can guess Mike's diagnosis is a variation on that--he's not even trying to remember "scripture"). Mike was asking me last week what day the 14th was on, and I calculated that it was on a Friday. He mentioned working for someone on Thursday and Friday, but I guess I didn't really put together Thursday the 13th (i.e. Pinning Ceremony evening) and Friday the 14th in order to say, "Wait just a cotton picking minute!" Of course, he'd already signed up to work the days before he mentioned it to me, so now it's a matter of him finding someone else to take the Thursday shift.
Well, good people, my eyes are crossing and about to close on me, so I'll close for now. Until next time...

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