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Thursday, June 10, 2010

funnel cakes at last!

My day started a little off-kilter (is that a word?). I awoke with a catch in my back near my right shoulder blade--not really debilitating but annoying as ever. My eyeballs ached and my skin hurt...kind of like when you're getting the flu. But, I had no fever or GI symptoms to speak of. Just not feeling 100%. I have to wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I was piddling outdoors with my plants and flowers Tuesday morning and was practically eaten alive by mosquitos (is it malaria season?). Or maybe it was just the physical exertion of cutting back my mint and pulling up clumps of unsightly grass growing between cracks in the concrete. Who knows? I know one thing...I will NOT be making anymore trips to the ER. So far my part of that little 2 hour visit when my shoulder was killing me a few weeks ago is up to around $150.00. They took an x-ray and I saw the doctor for all of 10 minutes, if that, for him to tell me it's probably just a strain; solution: rest and take muscle relaxers and pain killers (which I never took cause an Advil did the trick just fine).
Anyway, I managed to get up and get some laundry going. My friend and former boss, Morris, called from Abilene, TX, and we chatted for a bit. Then, I heard the kids up and doubt anxiously awaiting the funnel cakes I had promised them. Well, that plan wasn't to be. Xavier received a call from his Grandpa who was coming to pick him up so Xavier could mow Grandpa's lawn and earn some cash money. There was lots of grumbling emanating from Alisa's bedroom, but Grandpa arrived and whisked Xavier away for a couple of hours with a promise to bring him back when they were done.
After a while, Aaron, Alisa & I fixed "brunch" (refried beans, scrambled eggs and cheese on flour tortillas for the girls, one cheese quesadilla for the boy) or should I say I fixed brunch for us--there was no teamwork involved in any part except the eating of the food. They'd better be glad my name is not "The Little Red Hen." Xavier returned shortly after that with his lunch Grandpa had picked up for him. Since everyone was fed and happy, I decided to take a nap and see if that would alleviate any of my ailments.
We had our funnel cakes for a late afternoon snack! Bye for now...until next time.

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