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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Summer!

Well, it's the first official Saturday of summer break. I think (hope) it's my last day to be busy doing end of school/graduation stuff. Alisa has her 6th grade end of year party at a classmate's house, and then we will attend her dance recital. Actually, Alisa isn't performing in the recital but she wants to attend to see her classmates do their thing. I'm looking forward to that, too, and hope that Alisa will see that it's not so bad to be on stage for a few minutes. That way, next year, she, too will join her dance classmates in costume on stage for recital.
Kids of 2 of my friends graduate high school today, so I need to shop a little. I never know what to get new graduates these days. I did purchase a book entitled The Nake Roommate: And 107 other issues you might run into in college. I thought that would be a fun read/reference for someone going off to college for the first time (as if new college students need one more thing to read, right?). It talks about all sorts of issues, like being involved on campus, to sex or not to sex, budgeting money, etc. I should go and get another copy. I can add a gift card to Wal-mart or Target and call it a day. Note to self: add a stop by Borders Bookstore to list of things to do today. As a new high school graduate, long, long ago, I also enjoyed thoughtful gifts like a laundry basket filled with cleaning supplies or a "hot pot" (electric tea kettle) with assorted styrofoam cups of soup/instant coffee, etc. That's a nice gesture when (1) you know whether or not the student is going off to college; and (2) you know the student well enough to know his/her preferences. I know both of my friends' kids are going off to college, but don't have a clue about their favorite things. I guess I'll just stick with the book/gift card combo.
I've been up for a while, so I'm almost ready to lie back down for a spell. Unfortunately, my list of things to do today seems to be growing longer as I sit here blogging: Aldi, Costco, Borders, frost cupcakes, swim party, Alisa's hair, dance recital, dinner...*yawn* I'm getting tired just thinking about everything. Guess I'll finish a little more laundry and get rolling before it's sweltering outside, which will be really soon, since summer break is officially here!

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