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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Proud Parents

Well, folks, it's finally here: the day the kids have been waiting for since around early September when the thrill of attending exciting new classes, meeting new teachers and reuniting with old friends was basically gone. Aaron had his last three finals of junior high school (of course, when Aunt Shannon and I were in junior high, 9th grade was included in the junior high campus not high school, so Aunt Shannon contends that Aaron is still in junior high in her eyes), and Alisa had her awards assembly.
After dropping Aaron at school, I picked up Tia, Sasha and Leyla, and we all attended Alisa's program. It was nice. I was so proud of Alisa for jumping into a totally new and challenging learning environment and giving it all she had. She came away with certificates for exemplary honor roll (receiving a yearly average of 90 or above in all subjects), outstanding advanced Spanish award, the American citizenship award (her classmates also elected her the "best citizen"), the Bravo award (for outstanding attendance), and the President's Education Award signed by President Obama himself for academic excellence. I don't know who was prouder, Alisa or me! The school director asked the parents to join the students in their classrooms for a few minutes after the assembly, and then once again, like Aaron's sixth grade year at Short Elementary, the students and teachers lined the hallways and clapped and cheered as the 6th graders cruised through the halls of ACA for the last time. Even though Alisa had only been at ACA for this 6th grade year, it was an emotional time for some of the other students who started there in kindergarten. I even felt a tear or two welling up at the thought of my "baby" moving on to junior high school. I didn't blubber all over the place like I did with Aaron at Short where he had been since kindergarten and where we knew all of the teachers and many of the students lining the hallways. Alisa says she felt happy until she saw a couple of her classmates break down. I'll just say this: You never know the effect of a clap out until you've experienced it yourself! When I arrived at Gunn to pick up Aaron, I heard the vice principal over the PA system instructing the 7th graders to take their places in the hallways and informing the 8th graders of the route they were to take to exit the building so that they, too, could be "clapped out." I didn't know whether Aaron would be in tears or joking with his friends as he exited the school for the last time as a student there. Junior high is tricky like that. He emerged showing off is t-shirt that all of his friends had signed and sporting a triumphant, ear to ear grin. Whew!
Awards in Junior High are fewer and farther between, but Aaron did well also, receiving "letters" in pre-AP Reading and pre-AP Science. He also received the Principal's award and the one 8th grade male Rotary award for achievement, leadership, good citizenship and his sense of patriotism. Finally, he was also recognized as an outstanding band member.
So, next year, Aaron will move on to high school, and Alisa to junior high school. Wow, it seems like they were just "graduating" from their pre-kindergarten classes, and now it won't be long before they're graduating from high school {insert emoticon with tears springing from squeezed shut eyes and a quivering chin}.
I don't mean to be vain or boastful, but I feel so very proud of my kids. My constant prayer is that God will continue to bless them individually, and bless our family collectively, including our extended praying family all the days of our lives.
Now that all of the end of year stuff is behind us, our summer has officially begun. Yeah!! My main goals are: (1) pass the NCLEX; (2) find my dream job (or just a job for the time being); (3) get my house in order. I keep trying to explain to the kids that the sooner we get our house tidied up, the sooner I can quit nagging them about that (as in every time they ask to have someone come over and I look at them incredulously as if to say, "You seriously want "whoever" to come over when the house looks like you-know-what? Seriously? I don't think so!). We've gone summer after summer with them going to other people's houses, but never inviting others to our house. I've used school and lack of funds as my excuses. Now that school is no longer a factor and, as soon as I get a job, lack of funds won't be an excuse either, what will be my excuse for the way my house looks? Four lazy-bones living under the roof (well, five if you count Missy who likes to leave her toys and blanket lying around just like everyone else), that's who.
Sorry, this was supposed to be my proud parent entry, and I got off on a tangent. Let me get back on track and wrap this up....By summer's end we will all be proud of our home and able to entertain family and friends on holidays and just because. I am so looking forward to it! Good-bye for now; until next time...


  1. wow e, i had no idea about all of the awards and letters that the kids received! GREAT JOB NEPHEW AND NICE!

  2. Thanks for the comments, Lani! I don't like to brag out loud b/c I know it was kind of a frustrating year for X & Shan.