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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I just set my timer for 30 minutes while I wait for my "chocolate fudge frosting" to attain an "spreadable" consistency which may take more than 30 minutes based on the fact that it practically looks like hot fudge sundae topping at this point. We'll see what happens. Can't help but consider that canned chocolate frosting isn't that bad!

It's Father's Day (hence the cake) and since it's 3:30 and the last message I rec'd from Mike was "Y'all enjoy the concert tonight," I'm guessing he's working that double shift he was almost sure he had lined up as of last night. He was supposed to call me and confirm that he was indeed working late, but I suppose it slipped his mind when he called earlier. The bad news is he won't get to spend anytime with his kids on Father's Day because he is working hard to feed and clothe them. The good news is: anytime is a good time to celebrate with cake which we will wait and do at 11 tonight. More good news is he will be off all day tomorrow.

While Mike is not the doting "coach-my-kids'-sports-teams-&-join-Indian-Princesses-with-my-daughter" sort of father, we all have to admit that the kids have it pretty darn good. Mike makes every effort to be an indulgent yet reasonable father who works hard and loves his kids with stuff and opportunities he wished he had growing up. He's not one to shout I love you from the top of his lungs, but his long hours on the job and unexpected big ticket item "treats" from time to time say it loud and clear.
For that he deserves one of his favorite cakes for his special day: yellow cake with chocolate frosting that turned out rich and very chocolatey.


  1. Yummyliscuous, I'd say! My absolute favorite cake of all time.

    Aaaahhh, love this post. Mike sounds like a perfect dad, and I'm sure the kiddos realize down deep that life for them is pretty good. Here's to all the Pop's out there, who work hard with no complaint!

  2. yummyliscous says it all! it was super rich and super yummy! good job e!! :)

  3. So true. there are so many boys out here that don't take responisbilty for their children. Kudos to Mike for doing what he can each and everyday.