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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fried chicken, again?

Believe it or not I was in bed before 1:00 a.m. (not by much, though). I awoke this morning before my alarm sounded at 6:30 and hit the floor running The good news for the day is I made a 95 on the ATI test this morning! The bad news is it doesn't count. That was a real bummer. I felt pretty confident the whole while I was taking the test (unlike any of the previous tests where anxiety has gotten the best of me). Of course, with this test we couldn't go back and change answers--that's been known to mess me up sometimes, too. Unfortunately, a few of my friends didn't pass, so they will have to retake the test. We're all wondering why if it doesn't even count for a grade! We stayed for lecture after the exam, then I came home caught a bit of a nap and have been trying to focus on this care study project which isn't coming together very well. Time is a-ticking! Many "things" keep popping up. My poor little ADD mind goes like this: Let me get online to get info on these vitamins for my care study. Oh, I have messages...Let me just respond right quick to this one...Oh yeah, I was supposed to e-mail so-n-so...Oops, there's a response from [?], let me read that right quick. Then, the telephone rings, it's some distant relative on Dad's side of the family calling to confirm my information so he can send me a packet about next year's reunion (which must be expensive since he's "mailing the info early so we have ample time to plan").
Kudos to Aaron & Mike who finally broke down and cleaned the pool filter! Maybe we'll get to swim this summer after all. I am looking forward to it...
I'm going to finish this blog quick and in a hurry because twice the phone has rung and bumped me off before having a chance to save and publish. (Lani-you called on my cell phone so that doesn't interfere :-)
It's going on 11 p.m. now, but our phone rings at all hours of the day and night. I tell people I'm just as apt to be asleep at 3:00 in the afternoon as I am to be awake at 3:00 in the morning.
On an entirely different note...I have fallen behind on my menu planning, so everyday around five o'clock the kids start hovering around my desk asking "What's for dinner?" Tonight it was Popeyes. Unfortunately, with Albertson's "super coupons {8-piece mixed for $3.99}" and Popeye's 2-piece Tuesday specials {a leg and a thigh for 99 cents} we have had more fried chicken in the past six weeks than we normally eat all year long. I think we've eaten fried chicken 4 times in the past six weeks!). I often wonder if I'm going to 99-cent myself to death! At 7:30 p.m. I hopped in my van, stopped by Kroger for salad fixins, continued on to Popeyes and returned home to warm leftover baked beans to add to our feast. My skin and my pants (which are fitting like a second skin) are telling me it's time to get back to planning some healthy meals and do some laps in the pool once it's up and running (or perhaps it is I who should be "up and running!") Oh well. I may as well face the fact that one day my grandchildren will probably be calling me "Big Mama." Good night. Until next time...

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  1. hehehe...yes, kudos to mike and aaron, lets have a pool party! j/j, dont shoot me :)

    good job on the test! im gonna need them to just go ahead and count that grade, thanks.

    did you find your case study notebook??