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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Okay, so in the words of Millie Jackson (or whoever sang that song)..."If it ain't one thing, it's another!" Today, started off in a hurry as do most days around here. Up at six, tend to the pool, water the plants, fix breakfast, pack lunch, iron uniform, shower, shampoo, dress, gather things, etc. in an effort to be out the door by 7 a.m. I made it to Tia's by 7:30 to drop off A & A and still managed to make it to the hospital in DeSoto on time.
I was on the geriatric unit today, and it was absolutely hilarious. I mean senior citizens with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression and Alzheimer's disease are no laughing matter, but some of those patients were real characters! Take "Miss J" for instance. She told the age old joke about her friend's husband Richard who had passed away. The friend went to the funeral crying inconsolably about, "Oh, my 'Dick' is gone. What am I gonna do without my 'Dick'? Oh, I loved my 'Dick'! He was the best 'Dick' a woman could ask for, etc. The patient just cracked herself up. Remember these patients are 65 and older, for the most part! Then there was the lady in a bariatric wheelchair who got angry with me because she saw a "bomb" behind the nurse's station, and I gently informed her that it was just a carpet sweeper. She blew up saying how nobody would listen to her, and it wasn't going to be okay. Then, she started to cry because she thought someone else had her stuff. Then she perked right up and began singing Jingle Bell Rock. Next, there was the female Christopher Walken look alike who was hypomanic and talking nonstop about everything under the sun. She has been there, done that and then some! On a more disturbing note, I discovered that one of the patients (an elderly blind woman) was in her room by herself all day because the tech had not gone in to help her bathe and get dressed. She was embarrassed to come out to the common area and participate in the group therapy sessions in her gown (besides, that would probably be against the rules). If the tech had just said, "Hey, I'm busy, could you please help the lady in room XXX?" I would have gladly helped her. She was so sweet. Then there was Mr. J who is schizophrenic but quite the gentleman and wanted to "pass" on group because there weren't enough seats. "Ladies," he said, "I'm leaving tomorrow, so I really don't need to go to group. Y'all go ahead." He was saying the same, "I'm getting out of here tomorrow" business two weeks ago. Poor thing.
Am I a warped person for finding a bit of humor in all of this drama? It was really a great day-never a dull moment!
I was exhausted by the time I returned home, though. I guess maybe all of that was more emotionally draining than I suspected. Or, it could be because I am quickly approaching "that time of the month." I picked up A & A and crashed almost as soon as I hit the door. Okay, so I started to check my e-mail and fell asleep at the computer before laying it down around 6:00 p.m. I awoke around 7:30, grabbed a bite to eat, then rallied the troops together to go get ice cream. We all hopped in the car and were about to roll when Mike noticed my front passenger tire was losing air (as in almost flat-good thing someone is vigilant about these things). Dagnabit! If it ain't one thing it's another! I had promised Alisa ice cream two days ago, and it seemed that something was always getting in the way. We hopped out of the van and into Mike's car and off we went.
I then called Mom to see if I could borrow a car for tomorrow. I don't even know where the spare tire is on my van, and we had almost lost our daylight anyway. She said come and get it, so Mike dropped me by Mom & Dad's to pick up their car. I had to stop and put gas in it to be ready for the morning, then I finally headed home.
So, here I sit blogging instead of working on that big project that is due tomorrow. How do you spell procrastination? You got it: E-A-S-T-L-Y-N. The time is 10:29, and I think I will be overriding that nap I took earlier because bedtime seems far, far away. Good night. Until next time...

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