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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summertime and the living is easy...

Well, I don't know about easy. Lazy may be a better word. I'm thinking this "anergia" is a byproduct of the Texas heat which is debilitating. The news says it was only supposed to get up to the high 90's but I think it must have crept on past 100 again anyway. I was outside sometime after 4:00 p.m. checking on the progress of the pool (it's almost clear enough to see the bottom of the deep end-woo-hoo!) when my neighbor spoke to me through the fence. He was out checking his garden and about to mow his lawn. I climbed up on the diving board so I could see him while we conversed. I honestly thought at one point that my flip-flop-clad feet were going to spontaneously combust or the plastic flip-flop strap was melting to my skin! That sun was scorching me. Of course, when I popped outdoors I wasn't intending to carry on a lengthy conversation with my neighbor over the fence (a la Tim Allen in his TV show "Home Improvement") about his current job status and the variety of different vegetables he's growing, and how gardening is therapeutic, etc...I did get some home-grown zucchinis, tomatoes & onions out of the deal, though-YUM! Then, the neighbor on my other side stopped by and peeked through the slats of the fence that are falling down. He said he's been meaning to get around to the repairs, but he's just been too lazy (that summer heat thing, plus he works nights). I guess he heard me and my other neighbor chatting and decided to take advantage of my being out in the yard to touch base as well. I have wonderful neighbors, truth be told.
Church was good this morning. Fr. Jacob from St. George was filling in for Fr. LeDoux who is off in Switzerland or somewhere. Fr. Jacob is originally from India and has a pretty strong accent, but he delivers a good message. Today was about the woman with the hemorrhage who touched the hem of Jesus' garment and was healed by her faith. Meanwhile, the Pharisee's daughter was sick and she died before Jesus could get to her (He was too busy helping the poor hemorrhaging woman), so the Pharisee got upset. Fr. Jacob spoke about Jesus first giving his attention to the socially disadvantaged, but healing the well-off child just the same. There is no difference in them in Jesus' eyes. (That's the message I got, anyway.)
I came home, helped Barrett with his blog for a bit, fixed lunch (good old frozen corn dogs), washed dishes and took a nap. I delivered my kids to the Aunt Shannon (yes, again- Derrick says he needs their social security numbers so he can claim them as dependents on his income taxes next year!). Derrick is helping Aaron with some exercise regimen, and they all wanted to watch the BET Awards. Mike & I had sandwiches for dinner (how's that for simple?). Now, I must hit the books before I hit the bed. Good night. Until next time...

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  1. sounds like a pretty quiet day around there! corn dogs and sandwiches ~ thats just about how we do it too! :)