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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Five Question Friday, a day late!

Well, amidst all of the excitement over Alisa's birthday and trying to figure out the fondant icing business, I forgot all about Five Question Friday! Until today that is. I jumped around and visited some of the participating blogs then decided to answer the questions myself. Even if I am a day late (and a dollar short...c'est la vie!) Here goes...

1. What is one thing you have too many of in your house?
According to my mom (and I agree that she is right), I have way too many dishes. I don't think I even have enough cabinet space for them all. I love my crystal serving bowls for special occasions and my Corningwear for every day use and my chips and dips set. The thing is, I use them! It's not like I have a bunch of stuff that I never use taking up space...well, okay, maybe the wooden cheese and cracker tray with the glass dome lid doesn't get used so much...

2. Did anything go not quite as planned on your wedding day?
My main agenda on my wedding day was to relax and enjoy it however it turned out. So much stress and planning goes into making a wedding special, but you never know how things will unfold. As my midwife told me years can plan your plans, but you can't plan the outcome. That said, we had a couple of bloopers which make for a good laugh as we watch our wedding video...
We forgot our marriage license and had to send the boyfriend of one of my bridesmaids to retrieve it. In his hurry (and in the light rain) he took a curve too fast and scuffed the paint on the bumper of his truck. Ouch! He saved the day though. Next, as the hubs and I were getting in the limo after the ceremony, I noticed that he was wearing his mother's 3-rose corsage instead of his single rose boutonniere. I wonder to this day what his mom was wearing? Finally, one of our lectors read the wrong reading. He caught himself and was flipping back and forth trying to find the right place. I think he finally got it, but I honestly don't remember!
I'd say thing went pretty smoothly, especially compared to some of the stories I've read while 5QF blog-hopping!

3. What is your favorite summer smoothie recipe?
I recently bought a "Nutribullet" so my son and I have been whipping up "smoothies" pretty regularly. My favorite is a handful of baby spinach leaves, vanilla yogurt, banana and assorted berries to fill the cup. I use a little water or juice to "liquify" it all. Sounds & looks kind of gross (remember red & green make brown!), but tastes great. I'm going to try throwing in flax meal for added er uhh "benefits" like April at THIS is what it's all about

4. What is the weather like where you are?
Today's high 95, low 73, chance of storms, 53% humidity. Last year this time we were in our umpteenth day of 100+ degree temps, so I'll take 95 with a chance of rain!

5. What is your favorite book to read to your kids?
We loved Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. We also had lots of Sandra Boynton books. I for one love the bug-eyed silly animals doing everyday stuff that rhymed. My daughter especially loved "mother-baby love" books: Time for bed and Guess How Much I Love You come to mind.

That's all for now folks! Gotta get some shut eye before I head for work later. Until next time...


  1. Oh, we're on a smoothie kick in this house too. Even though we're up here in CT, it's been 90 degree temperatures for the eight day in a row (definitely a record breaker). I've been having a hard time getting motivated to turn on the oven for anything, so instead, we've been drinking smoothies. I'll have to try the one you mention...brown smoothies don't scare me :)

    1. I always thought summers were for cold cereal and sandwiches. Evidently, I'm wrong about that. My family looks at me with "what's for dinner" written all over their faces...even when there are cold cuts in the frig with an assortment of breads and condiments! Where DID these kids of mine come from?