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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Good Sunday Morning to You!

I just love "the arts"! This past week I took in a movie with the Hubs. We went to see The Lone Ranger which I had been looking forward to ever since I saw the first preview several months back. I guess I wasn't expecting it to be as silly as it was, but then again Johnny Depp was playing Tonto and it was a Disney film...should've put two and two together. It was entertaining and Armie Hammer with those oh-so-blue eyes was easy to ogle look at for 2 hours and 29 minutes. Then, I took my mom, my daughter and my 8-year-old niece to see a live musical at Jubilee Theatre in Fort Worth. While we were downtown on a Friday night, we popped in to Barnes & Noble bookstore to peruse a copy of the book on which the play was based. Then we stopped by The Original Cupcakery where Sasha enjoyed a very chocolate-y cupcake dressed in fluffy buttercream icing and chocolate cookie bits on top. Alisa chose a raspberry cupcake with champagne buttercream and sparkly edible glitter. I sampled them both, and I must admit they were both quite tasty even though I'm not usually that much of a chocoholoic!
I am looking forward to using the tickets to the symphony that I "won" at the silent auction for the high school band just before school let out. Finally, the local Museum of Art has an interesting exhibit featuring artwork related to the Harlem Renaissance. I'd better get on that because I think there are only a couple of weeks left.
For now, I'm going to sleep where visions of sugar plum fairies can dance in my dreams. Last night was a good night at work, but I'm exhausted nonetheless. Until next time...

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