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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Licking the beaters

"A friendly look, a kindly smile, one kind act, and life's worthwhile." -Author unknown

Today, I'm joining Mama Hen for Smile Sunday. It all started when I found a new blog I'm now following earlier in the week, Falling off a high-heeled life, one woman's incredible journey to restored health after a debilitating accident. (You can click on the "Falling..." link to check out her blog.) She posted a scrumptious recipe for chocolate frosting and made me smile thinking about memories of my own mom baking us treats. Growing up with four kids, when mom baked a cake, two of us got beaters, one got the mixing spoon, and the luckiest one got "the bowl"! We all survived the raw eggs and refined sugar, too. Nowadays, when I bake a cake, my two kids get the beaters and I get the bowl and the spoon! Now, if I were a really organized mom like some of you out there, I would insert a picture of my toddler daughter with a mouth rimmed in white buttercream frosting licking one of said beaters with a huge smile plastered on her sweet, sticky face, or my nephew with chocolate lips doing the same. I know these pictures exist, only they were taken before I had my first digital camera, so Lord only knows where they are. I'm racking my poor little brain trying to remember if I've actually scrapped the pictures and if so which pizza box the unbound pages are stored in, and it's just too much! I give you permission to insert your own favorite memory of licking the beaters and hope it brings a smile to your day. Until next time....


  1. What a wonderful memory you have of your childhood and one that you have created for your children! My mom never let us lick the beaters because she thought the egg would kill us. Haha! When she would turn her back, though, I would stick my finger in the bowl and get a taste! She only caught me once! Happy Smile Sunday!!!

  2. LOL, I used to get the beater too! And clearly I survived the raw egg thing too LOL. My new favorite memory is watching Myles lick the spoon after making brownies with me for the first time. He was in heaven LOL, now he always wants to make them! I hope you had a great weekend and have a great week!

  3. I used to lick the spoon, but somehow my kids are smarter than me - they knew enough to use the spatula to get every little bit off the bowl!

    My son is lucky I can't find my photos after the move - I have a cute one of him sitting on the dinosaur potty that I wanted to put in one of my blogs! Sometimes it's good that we can't find them.

  4. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog! To answer your Gamecock question. University of South Carolina is one of the big Colleges in South Carolina and its mascot is a Gamecock named "Cocky"! So in SC you are either a Carolina Gamecock fan or a Clemson Tiger fan. Hope that helps! :)

  5. What a great memory. Also, with regards to the chicken wings. yes just toss them in the sauce and no need to further bake. I hope you try them.

  6. What a great memory! I survived on batter and beaters. I'm a little paranoid about letting my girls eat the batter, but I wash the eggs first since that's where the germs/bacteria are, and then cross my fingers!

    Your post reminds me that I am asking for a photo scanner, negative reader for Xmas! I would love to get some of my childhood memories on my blog digital style!