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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Thursday 8/26/10

Well, friends, it is almost two o'clock on Thursday afternoon.  I cannot believe I haven't blogged since Sunday.  So much has happened since then: first day of school, volunteering at the hot dog stand at the BallPark, a visit with my father in law, a pep rally, but alas, I'll have to catch up a little later.  I sat down some four plus hours ago to blog about things I'm thankful for and got wrapped up in reading everyone elses updates.  One link led to another and so on and so forth, but here I am.  I think I'm going to abandon my nursing aspirations and just look for a job that pays top dollar for reading blogs!  I'd be rich in a matter of months.  Just kidding...let me get on with this before my kids trickle in from school and I have to get busy with dinner and open house!
(1) I am thankful I am able.  My FIL celebrated his 84th birthday last week, and he is on dialysis three days a week for End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD aka chronic renal failure).  My SIL called to see if my Hubby could take his dad to dialysis yesterday, and I was able to do it instead because Hubby had to work.  It was good spending time with my FIL whom I rarely see even though he's less than an hour away.  Later that evening I was able to volunteer at the BallPark to raise funds for the band booster club.  It was quite the long day, but I'm really thankful for my health and strength.
(2) I am thankful for space.  The fact that every little bit of it in my house is cluttered is beside the point.  If' I'm complaining about clutter then that means I have lots of space (to get cluttered) and lots of stuff to clutter it up.  I am thankful for both because I realize so many people are less fortunate although they could gladly have some of my clutter if they really wanted it, which I doubt they do!
(3) I am thankful for my family and friends, especially those who are helping to make me accountable and offering encouragement with this job search business.
(4) I am thankful for a quiet house.  The only sound I hear right now is the ticking of the clock on my office wall.  I'm about to crawl in my bed because I have one hour and a couple of minutes before school out and the peace and quiet will be replaced with the rattle of dishes as after school snacks and dinner are prepared, chatter about how everyone's day went, television (maybe not since they're supposed to get on homework first!)--not that any of the sounds are negative; just better tolerated by a well-rested mom!
(5) Last but not least, I am thankful for overtime and a husband who willingly works it.  I think we are both looking forward to my income so Hubby can just work his regular shift and come on home for a change instead of working "from can to can't."


  1. You have lots to be thankful for! I really enjoy reading your blog!!

  2. Wow happy birthday to your FIL! First day of school, i'm not looking forward to my 2.5 year old son starting school. He has never been away from me or the hubs. We did a trial run and he cried so I took him home. I'm a ball of nerves for this monday (sigh).

  3. Hey Eastlyn, this is a great list! Clutter is in my home too, but it does mean that I am blessed to be able to have this much stuff. Happy birthday to your father in law! I hope you are doing great!

    Mama Hen

  4. Hey Eastlyn!
    I hope you got some rest!! There is always so much to be thankful for! :)
    Big Fat Mama

  5. Hi Eastlyn, you had quite a day! It's nice when you get some peace and quiet before the afternoon sounds come :) This is a great list! Glad you got to spend some time with your FIL. Your husband sounds like a hard-working man, I hope you find a job soon!

  6. It sure sounds like you had a busy week. Me too! The fall and start of school brings a whole new schedule into the mix. Have you tried the job search engine "" for your job search? I'm not sure if it will turn up a lot of positions in your area, but this is the search engine I use first when trying to find another teaching job to add to the mix... Have a great week!