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Monday, August 16, 2010

Time for a change

Howdy, folks! I've been visiting blogs all day long and am inspired by the beautiful blog designs out there. I really liked the blue background I had before but found it difficult to read, so I went in search of something a little "lighter" (and hence easier on the old peepers) but still "summery." Well, this is what I came up with but to me the green splotchy background is almost just as difficult to read from as the other was. I'm tired of sitting at this computer and my kids will be hollering for dinner soon, so I must skedaddle for now. I'm still working on the makeover, so don't be surprised if you see something different tomorrow. I'm usually from the train of thought, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" but I felt like either my old background was broke or my eyes were, and I'd rather go with the former explanation.
This attitude has presented a certain dilemma in my job search, too. Some of the "inventories" or assessments I've been doing online so that prospective employers can "get to know me" (Ha-I sure do miss the "old-fashioned," meet face to face, hand over a resume, shake hands and have a seat conversations/interviews) have posed statements similar to this: I prefer things to stay the same in the workplace. Answer options are: strongly disagree, disagree, not sure, agree, strongly agree. I felt stuck. I am a creature of habit and like for things to stay the same, but I didn't want a prospective employer to deem me inflexible because I'm not THAT much a creature of habit that I can't change and adapt to a changing environment or new ideas. What is one to do when you can only click on one answer and offer no explanation?! Sheesh.
I do like to change my blog background from time to time, usually to match the season or a special occasion. I'm not that technologically inclined, but I've at least learned to "install" the different backgrounds. Because I am unemployed and have no money I have to go with the freebies for now. I have visited,, and hot bliggety blog (always have to google them b/c I usually get an error message). If anyone knows of fun free blog backgrounds that are easy to install and designed for "mature" eyes like mine, let me know! Thanks for your help. Until next time...


  1. Hi Eastlyn! Love the "brighter" look here! I totally understand when you said tomorrow it could look completely different. When Scrappin Blogs lost all of their backgrounds and I had to "revamp" mine, I want to say I changed it for four days straight, three times a day until I found the look I wanted. I used Shabby Blogs for my background and they are all free. They have a lot of cute designs but all of the places where you write are white backgrounds. The borders are really cute, though. Check it out if you think you can get used to the white (I used to have a yellowy color too). It took me awhile, but now I like it. Good luck! It's like "work" when you change things up isn't it?!?

  2. Hi Eastlyn, I really like your new background! The green color is fresh and light. About those multiple-choice questions...they really don't allow a person to show who they are, do they? I pray that whichever employer realizes there's more to a person than just their answers to those questions, will find you and give you the best fit of a job the Lord prepares for you! Thanks for stopping by my feature post and for your sweet comment. Have a blessed day! ~Jinnia

  3. Hey there, this new looks is great! this is one of my favourite site where you could find free backgrounds:

    and this one too:

    Love, Ruth

  4. Hey Eastlyn,
    I love the new look! I love changing my background for the different months/seasons too! It's part of the fun of having a blog! I was going to suggest Shabby Blogs too, like Ruth posted.

    I will be praying for just the right job to come along!
    Big Fat Mama

  5. I love this look Eastlyn! It is much easier to read now! I hope you can find the right job for you so that you excel and are happy. I am like you with questions that really don't allow my true work self to come out. I am sure you will find the right one for you my friend! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  6. Hi Eastlyn! I love the new look too. It looks like Shabby Blogs is a winner. I'm about to get a blog make-over too. It's an early birthday gift from my husband--a little over $50. (I can't believe that's what I wanted this year--not a new outfit but a new background for my blog.) The new look will probably happen within the next few weeks...

    I agree with you on those multiple choice questions. Ugh! I do miss those times of personal interviews too and those times of being able to hand in a resume in person. What happened?! Best wishes to you in your search. Any place would be so lucky to have you!

  7. Hi Eastlyn!

    Love the new look. If you want a matching badge, I made one for you -

  8. I loooove this new look! It is so bright and happy and beautiful!! What a great choice!

  9. I like this look, it's bright and fun. Thanks for stopping by today, your thoughtfulness is appreciated!

  10. Hey Chicky - I can't see the background. The filters at my job often block some of the things on templates, so I can't comment on the new design :(

    But, I wanted to thank you for your sweet comment and wisdom on my post yesterday. I would love to email you about it, but your blog doesn't link to your email address. If you would like please email me email address

    csmile60 at aol dot com

  11. I like your new badge too. How nice of Cassiopeia! Hope you have a great day! ~Jinnia

  12. I think the new look is great! It is really bright and cheerful!