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Friday, July 17, 2009

Alisa's good news

Well, everyone was up and at 'em this morning. I fixed bacon, grits and cheese toast and a choice of orange or grape juice for the crew. Then, I dropped Aaron at weight training and took Alisa to her "assessment" at Arlington Classics Academy. Xavier stayed home with Uncle Mike to help remind him to pick up Aaron if we weren't done by 11 a.m. It's a good thing Mike was home because Alisa & I didn't leave ACA until almost 11:30. Chermain and Sheridan were there for an assessment, too, so Alisa was excited. Chermain & I had a chance to visit for about 45 minutes while the girls were doing their thing. The secretary was telling all of the parents that the assessments would last 45 minutes to an hour. I started to get a little worried when Alisa wasn't back by 11:05, 11:10, 11:15. When she returned to the reception area she looked stricken. I couldn't tell if she was just relieved to be done with it all or if she was about to burst into tears. I hoped it was the former as I left her in the reception room to meet with Mr. Simon (don't know if he's the director, principal or what). He showed me the results of the work Alisa had done that morning. All of the notes said she'll do fine at ACA. The offered the spot, and I accepted. No need to think it over or discuss the decision. Alisa had been waiting for just this moment since we dropped off the application back in the spring. We later found out that Sheridan was offered a spot in the 4th grade class as well.
We returned home and shared the good news with "the boys" (i.e., Mike, Aaron & Xavier). Aaron was happy for his sister but a little bummed that Alisa wouldn't have Miss Pickens (his former 6th grade teacher) next year. Aaron then grabbed a bagel and cream cheese (those "everything bagels are addictive!) and I fixed Alisa & Xavier pizza bagels and mozzarella cheese sticks. While they were eating I got started on the rest of the application for ACA--lots of pages and I still have to go online to review the student code of conduct & mission statement, etc. before signing off that I've read it.
Aaron asked if he could go to his friend Shawn's house for a while. Then Shannon called not to check on her son but to suggest that we go ahead and throw Alisa's slumber party at a hotel TONIGHT! It could be a surprise for Alisa. Shan has the decorations and paper goods. We could pick up a cake (ching ching) and get a room at the LaQuinta Inn by the mall (ching ching). The girls (whoever could make it on such short notice) could hang out at the mall for a while (ching ching) and then go back to the hotel and swim and watch movies. Finally, we could all enjoy "free" breakfast in the morning and send little girls packing before checkout. Somehow I didn't get my point across that money is a major issue right about now. I just couldn't get it in gear fast enough to keep up with all of that at the last minute, so we (Mike & I) declined. I dropped Xavier and Alisa at PaPa & Tia's so Shannon could take Alisa to the mall to shop for birthday clothes. I then returned the Red Box video and arrived back home where Mike was watching JFK, the Oliver Stone movie from the early 90's (?). I checked e-mails and wondered what time Aaron was due to be picked up. Around 5:30 I was nodding at my computer and wanted to take a nap. I feared that as soon as I laid down either the doorbell or the telephone would ring announcing Alisa's arrival or Aaron's readiness to be picked up. Sure enough I was on the phone with Lani when Derrick called to say Shannon was on her way to deliver Alisa. I never heard from Aaron so just before 7 p.m. I hopped in the car and headed to Shawn's to collect Aaron and chastise him for not calling to touch base or discuss a pick up time with his father when he dropped Aaron off in the first place. Aaron looked astonished, like he couldn't believe I was there to pick him up just as Smack Down vs Raw was coming on TV! Is today Friday? How could I have forgotten! I surely should have known better. I visited with Shawn's mom for a moment (Alisa was waiting for me in the car) then told Aaron to call me when wrestling was over.
Alisa & I then headed to Barrett's house to deliver to him "The Bucket List." I told him to pay attention to the character played by "Jack" from Will and Grace. We returned home once again and Alisa got busy scrapping (it's a family thing!) while Mike & I caught the late night re-run edition of Oprah. It was all about women and sex...Mike's two favorite subjects. I'd like for Mike & I to try the "surrender date" where I have to surrender completely to Mike and allow him to plan a date from start to finish, including what I wear, where we go, what we do, etc. It's supposed to be a way of restoring his masculinity (instead of me treating him like another child) and me getting a break from decision making (if only for one night).
Aaron called about 15 minutes after it went off, so we all loaded up in my van to go and get him. I knew there must be an ulterior motive, and it was revealed when Mike started mentioning sno-cones, Braums ice cream and Sonic slushes. I was almost going to go to Sonic when I remembered an online coupon they had sent me for 99 cent Sonic chillers (cherry-limeade blended with soft serve ice cream). We returned home empty handed and had dips of Blue Bell instead. I chatted with Lani, my sis-in-law & friend then settled down in the living room to watch She's Just Not That into You with Mike. The kids were fast asleep in their respective beds by the time the movie was over. I wasn't exactly sleepy, even though I missed out on yet another nap.
I'm not feeling well, though. I've been forcing the water and cranberry capsule for fear of another UTI. This is the pits. I have a feeling (literally and figuratively) that I'll be visiting Arlington Urgent Care bright and early in the morning after an up and down to tinkle all night kind of night.

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