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Monday, July 6, 2009

Summertime and the living is easy

Well, I hope you like my sense of patriotism. This new background is a bit much, but rest assured that I will tone it back down by the end of the week. I had fun editing all of the features. I got a "late" start this morning (i.e., I slept in until 8 a.m.), but it was still damp and not too hot when I went outside to scoop & brush the pool. Aaron called me in around 8:40 to make sure I got him to Gunn Junior High in time for the weight training program which began at 9:00. I ate a bowl of cereal and milk, dropped him around the corner at school (tried to convince him to walk and spare Mother Earth the extra exhaust from yet another car on the road without success), and returned home to update my blog. By the time I finished, it was time to leave and pick up Aaron. Meanwhile, Mike had arisen from his slumber and was in the kitchen washing up the few dishes left in the sink (I add this so that you all can remind me that Mike does help around the house sometimes when I'm tempted to say Mike never does anything except work, sleep and eat).
So, what did I do for the rest of the day? That's a good question! Let's see, I spoke to my mom, Lani and Barrett while sitting down. Usually, I'm up multi-tasking while on the phone. And, I tinkered on the computer. Oh yeah, let's not forget the 50 NCLEX practice questions on uncomplicated pregnancy.
Alisa and I set the timer for fifteen minutes and challenged ourselves to clear off the kitchen island. I was distracted with a phone call and didn't quite get around to finishing that project, but I plan to do it before I retire for the night.
I also braided Aaron's hair for him. It looks as if it is going to come down if I look at it the wrong way...still a little too short for my inexperienced fingers. Maybe I'll call Mrs. Monica tomorrow and ask if she can hook him up for me. Surely, her braids will last longer than mine! Aaron is also complaining of an earache--probably too much river water in that right ear. I've been alternating vinegar/alcohol solution and Similasan ear relief drops, but the relief is only temporary. I'll probably have to make him an appointment tomorrow to have the ear looked at.
Alisa and Mike planned our "picnic" menu for dinner: hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, chips, pink lemonade and mint tea. They had to make a run to the store for lettuce and ice. That reminds me of what else I did today...sorted, rinsed, presoaked and cooked a pot of red beans. I added a little fresh chopped jalapeno at the end along with some Tony Chachere creole seasoning. Mmmm, were they tasty. We enjoyed a tasty "picnic" dinner outdoors by the pool. The temperature was in the 80's and actually felt quite pleasant. Because it wasn't quite dusk, the insects weren't bad, either. Way to go, Alisa-good call on eating outdoors! The kids jumped in for a while after we ate. I brushed and scooped some after they swam.
Tomorrow is game night according to the calendar Alisa & I put together last month for what we'd do once I was done with summer school, so I printed out the rules for backgammon from the internet (it's been forever since I've played). Even though it's really a two-player game, it's the only one Mike agreed to play with us. He says there's some way to play "teams." We'll see.
While I didn't accomplish everything on my list of things to do (mainly laundry from the trip), I did get quite a bit done. I'm sure my day is not over yet. I know Mike is awaiting a haircut, and there are a few dishes in the sink from dinner-I couldn't possibly expect Mike to do dishes twice in the same day. The kids wanted ice cream for dessert, too.
I will sort the laundry and put on a load, serve up ice cream, wash the dishes, clear the kitchen island, cut Mike's hair, transfer the clothes from the washer to dryer, start another load then retire for the night. Sounds like a plan to me. Good night. Until next time...

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