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Monday, July 13, 2009

Back to the grindstone

I had to set my alarm clock to get up this morning because I was reminded last night that Aaron had weight training this morning from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. The alarm sounded at 8, and I hit the snooze. Before it went off a second time, I got up, turned off the alarm, and got myself in gear. I let Missy out to relieve herself and ventured outside to turn off the pool pump. I was dismayed at the clear water that afforded a great view of the green algae covering the bottom of the deep end-AGAIN! It looked worse than the day before. A pool guy once told us that having a pool was akin to having another child. It needs supervision and monitoring on a daily basis. You have to get someone to care for it when you go out of town, etc. He sure was telling the truth. It was already hot and humid just after 8 a.m., so I didn't put much stock into getting much done with the pool this morning. Then, Aaron stumbles outdoors and declares that he doesn't think he can make it to weight training because he is tired. Excuse me, since when does "tired" excuse anyone from doing what they have to do. Talk about "his father's child." He came to the wrong someone for sympathy! I told him I'd make him a smoothie and he'd feel better once he go moving. He dragged his buns back inside the house, and by the time I came in he was dressed and ready for his smoothie and a light breakfast. I might have lectured him a bit on the subject of commitment. Even though we didn't have to pay for weight training this time around, I still think it's important to finish what you start where camps and such are concerned. I dropped him off and returned home. I figured I'd update my blog for about an hour, then get started on my scrap/craft room for an hour before returning to pick up Aaron.
Suddenly, I felt extremely tired, and I couldn't really focus. Two hours later I was still sitting in my office, laptop on my lap trying to finish blogging from the weekend. It was taking me forever. Do you move slower when you're tired, too, or is that just me? I picked up Aaron and wanted only to come in from the heat and take a nap. Somehow I piddled around until 1:45 p.m. before I went to lie down. I slept from 2 something until 4:40 or so. That felt pretty darn good if I do say so myself. Then, the mental agony set in. That mental list of things to do today was rumbling around in my mind, but I just couldn't get myself together to prioritize and put together a plan: chlorine for the pool, retrieve house key from Barrett, pay house note, balance checkbook, grocery store for basics-juice, milk, fruit, pick up Aaron's ear drops from Shannon; intercept Xavier who's spending the night.
When I couldn't decide what to do or how to do it, Barrett offered to bring me my house key. He stayed for a while then ran with me to Costco for gas and chlorine for the pool. Then, we went by Shannon's job to get Aaron's ear drops (which had fallen out of his pocket last night in Derrick's walkway) and intercept Xavier for a sleepover. I came home, added water and chlorine to the pool (not looking forward to the water bill this month) and began preparations for dinner. I remembered a familysize box of Hamburger Helper lasagne in the cupboard and some ground beef and turkey in the freezer. I was tempted to run out to the store for salad fixins and garlic bread, but decided against it...just too darn hot to keep running in and out, not to mention the whole money thing. I sliced cucumbers and tomatoes and toasted hamburger buns with garlic butter. Barrett declined his dinner invitation and left to prepare his own dinner of sausage with peppers and onions after a quick trip by Kroger. I took an Advil for a headache (too much sleep maybe?) and finished dinner. We had apple pie a la mode for dessert. It's now almost midnight and Mike & I are supposed to play a round of Backgammon, but I don't know. I'm about ready for bed. Today feels like the least productive day of the summer thus far. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. Good night all. Until next time...

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  1. even your most unproductive days are still busy! i guess you can be busy doing things that are not on your list, resulting in "unproductive". im glad you got a nap and a yummy dinner! i like the new background too!