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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Movie Night

Mike is watching the end of his horror flick while the kids & I await our "movie night." Alisa chose Hotel for Dogs for the occasion. We have had a full but relatively laid back day. I got up when I heard Aaron stirring around 8 a.m. I went outside to check on the pool, and the water looked so inviting. I emptied the baskets, skimmed some crepe myrtles off of the surface and hooked up the vacuum. I went in to get Mike to actually do the vacuuming since he claims he doesn't know how to do it because I always do it when he's not around. (the dialogue usually goes like this: E: "Did you vaccum the pool, yet?" M: "No, I'm gonna do it a little later, after this show goes off." [later] E: "Now did you vaccum the pool? " M: "No, I'll have to do it tomorrow." [tomorrow] E: "Have you vacuumed the pool?" M: "Nah, I'll have to wait until my next off day." E: "Then I will do it myself," said the Little Red Hen... Just who does he think he's fooling with his Tom Sawyer self? I ran Aaron to weight training then came back to coach Mike through the vacuum process.

I left him outdoors doing his thing and went inside to wash up dishes from the night before and reconcile the checkbook to make sure we were all set to pay the mortgage. I left about 30 minutes before Aaron would be ready for pick up so that I could run by and pay the house note. That was the extent of my errands for the most part. I never took a nap today and didn't really miss it. I'm thinking my blogs are going way too long to hold peoples' interest so I will bullet the highlights of my day:
  • Paid house note, stopped by Sara Lee Bread Store in search of granola cereal the kids like; they were out so I bought everything bagels instead
  • Picked up Aaron, fixed breakfast: strawberry-blueberry-banana smoothie (turned out great; I think frozen fruit makes all the difference), coffee cake or bagel with cream cheese & bacon
  • Chatted with Mike for a while (this is the main reason I cannot get stuff done while he is on about Chatty Patty!)
  • Got the kids to help shred old check stubs that were on my office floor (small step for Eastlyn; giant step for White household)
  • Fixed nachos for lunch
  • Delivered Xavier to PaPa & Tia's house where his dad was picking up Leyla.
  • Stopped by Red Box at Walgreens on the way home to rent movie
  • Caught up with sis-in-law on telephone (as if a good portion of our day isn't spent e-mailing one another!)
  • Swam with the kids (even Mike got in the water!)
  • Taquitos, beans & rice, pico de gallo (made with home-grown tomato & onion) with chips for dinner
  • Tamed Alisa's wild tresses
  • Movie night: Hotel for Dogs (nice family flick-makes you want to run to the nearest pound or animal shelter and adopt a stray)
  • Discovered a new flavor of Blue Bell: Southern Blackberry Cobbler: 2 thumbs up!

Nothing earth-shattering...just a nice day spent with my family. Good night all. Until tomorrow.

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  1. yay for shredding old check stubs, you get a gold star!! heck, you get TWO gold stars! next step, shredding old check books that are older than your sister in law ;)