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Saturday, July 25, 2009

A "do-nothing" day

Today felt very much like a do nothing kind of day. As I think back over it, though, I realize I did quite a bit. My internal alarm clock went off at 7:30, but I glanced at the clock and rolled over determined to "sleep in" a little longer. The next thing I knew it was 8:30 and I could hear Missy whining outside my bedroom door. I got up and headed outdoors with the dog. The pool still had a green tint to it even though I shocked it last night and applied algaecide the night before that! That little downpour we had yesterday, short-lived as it was, must have thrown off the chemical balance in the pool. I grabbed the "whale wall" brush and began brushing down the sides. The problem with brushing is it stirs up everything so you can't see what you've brushed and what you haven't brushed. As of this evening the water still didn't appear to be clearing as I would have expected. I'll backwash and shock it before I go to bed.
I trimmed the mint back some and tackled the overgrown grass and weeds around the pump motor. All of those weeds near a small machine like that make me a little nervous. I came in from the heat and walked Aaron through fixing his own omelet and cinnamon toast for breakfast. I fried myself an egg and had cinnamon toast, too. Alisa was still asleep. I got a call from Bear saying that his computer was back in working order by some small miracle. Hallelujah!
I folded laundry and caught up with Lani who sent me awesome photos of her & Lorenzo's trip to Idaho to visit her family and friends. I told Lo Jr. I wanted to stand up, place my hand over my heart and sing My Country 'Tis of Thee looking at the majestic mountains & waterfalls. I wanted to forward a photo of the wedding cake I did for Tiwanda's wedding, so I began tinkering with my camera. How hard could it be to download the photos from the camera and then attach them to an e-mail? Hard enough for me to throw in the towel after an hour of attempting to do just that. The kids and I basically snacked all day until dinner time when people were hungry for "real" food. Aaron decided on Lipton Pasta sides and salad for dinner. I threw in a few meatballs out of the freezer and completed the meal (Cave man Mike say, "meal not meal without meat-ugh!"). We stopped by Arlington Westlake Ace Hardware store for D.E. Powder for the pool then ventured on to Sonic to try their new "chiller" for 99 cents each. The strawberries in the strawberry-limeade chiler kept clogging the straw, but overall everyone enjoyed their treats. Mike had the cherry limeade and reported that it, too, was tasty.
My eyes are closing and I still have to tame Alisa's tresses. She didn't swim today, but I had her wash her hair anyway, because it was a tattered mess from just pulling it back into a ponytail without really combing it out. I may have to do that in the morning. I'm tired now and probably won't have much more energy once I've tended to the pool. Good night, all. Until next time...

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