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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another lazy day

Looks like maybe I'd better take a vacation from blogging for the next few days. I'm sure no one wants to hear over and over how unproductive the White family is while on vacation. I could probably cut and paste the next few days' blogs: Woke up, did nothing, ate, did more nothing, took a nap, swam, retired for the night. I'm sorry, I forgot this is my blog, not Mike's.
Mike did get up before I did and run to the grocery store for biscuits, grape juice & popsicles. The pool looked great so I went in to fix breakfast. Now if I were my husband and I really wanted to impress my wife I would not only have gone to the store but also would have prepared the breakfast. A & A were already up and in the pool when I left to pick up Xavier and Sasha from over at Tia's house to join us for a swim.
I swam with the kids for a while. Mike sat outdoors as a spectator for a while but then went inside where it was cool & quiet to commence his routine vacation movie-thon. (I have commented before that it's a wonder the man doesn't develop pressure sores on his behind while on vacation. I guess he does change positions to eat every 3-4 hours or so.) The rest of us came in and had ham & cheese sandwiches (peanut butter for my girl), chips and cinnamon applesauce for lunch. Alisa helped Sasha wash her hair, and I blow-dried and flat-ironed it for her. She looked so grown up and cute! Sasha and I read some stories and took a nap. She was still snoozing when her mom came to pick her up.
The big kids jumped back in the pool as soon as Sasha was gone. I stayed out there and tried to read for a bit, but ended up talking to Mom on the phone for most of the time. I had to share Alisa's good news: We received a call from Arlington Classics Academy (a local charter school), and they have a 6th grade place for Alisa this coming school year! She goes tomorrow morning for an assessment.
I made burgers & hot dogs on the George Foreman grill (wanted to fire up the charcoal one, but it was way too hot outdoors) and homemade fries (only because I was out of frozen and needed to use up those few potatoes). Mike & Xavier declined the peas & carrots. I know they don't exactly go with hamburgers & hot dogs, but I thought we needed some sort of vegetable other than the pickles, onions & tomatoes on our burgers!
Mike is watching Cadillac Records in our bedroom (I can hear it through the office wall). The kids are watching Hotel for Dogs again. Xavier is my dog lover, and he didn't get to see it yesterday. I'll have to return it tomorrow which means an extra $1.08, but oh well. When they're done with the movie, we are supposed to play SORRY! and then turn in for the night. Aaron has weight training and Alisa has her assessment in the morning. Xavier will have to come along for the ride. I still have to do Alisa's hair, too. That will probably wait until the morning, so I don't have to re-do it for her appointment at ACA. Either way, I've already said we'd be turning in early tonight (as in well before midnight!)
Time to go dip up some Blue Bell and set up the game. Good night. Until the next time...


  1. good lick with alisas assesment! im sure they will fall in love with her! keep me posted...i wonder if they are hiring. im gonna do some research...

  2. Not sure if they are hiring. I have heard of plans to open a 7th & 8th grade campus (I wish by 2010-11), but nothing definite. Alisa did well, and I've just about completed her paperwork. ACA here we come. Sheridan got in, too. Safe travels!