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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday

Well, Alisa is almost officially 11 years of age. Eleven years ago we were probably filling the "birthing tub" with hot water. Midwives Vickie Patsdaughter and Karen Strange along with their apprentice were getting things set up for the birth. I was eating popsicles and walking on the treadmill. At one point I was mopping the floor because I remember Aaron and his almost 2-year-old self slipping and bumping his head. It was a regular zoo around here, unlike two years before when Aaron was born and both Mike and the midwife barely made it in time for the birth!
Last night Alisa went to bed with a headache, and apparently awoke with the same one or a new one. When she came to me still clad in her pajamas at 9:15 and complaining that her head still hurt even after eating breakfast (waffles, bacon & fruit and yogurt smoothie), I did not argue. I gave her an Advil and told her to stay home with her daddy. Aaron and I left for church. Fr. LeDoux's homily was about stealing away from time to time to renew ourselves just as Jesus and the disciples did in today's gospel reading. The ultimate goal, of course, being "a sound mind in a sound body." He took quite a while to say that and had to sing a song or two in the process as well (smile). That's our Fr. LeDoux!
I have basically piddled the remainder of the day away. I checked e-mails. Nothing pressing. I worked on proofreading Barrett's letter of interest for a position with the DISD. I made some revisions. I spoke to Shannon regarding the wedding cake. I did frost Alisa's cake and place it in the fridge (she prefers the cool whip frosting to buttercream). Now, the kids are swimming and I think I'll catch a cat nap. I found a coupon for Ryan's buffet, so dinner for the kids anyway is on them ($20-$25 for the four of us; with the coupon both kids eat free!), then we'll have cake later tonight. Since we didn't invite anyone over for cake, we are not on any specific schedule & that's kind of nice.
Well, the catnap thing didn't work. The moment I laid down my cell phone rang. Then, Alisa came in from the pool shouting my name. Then, Aaron came in to ask a question. Honestly, I had only set my alarm clock for 35-40 minutes! I got up & we all got ready to go and eat. The destination was a surprise until we parked in front of Ryan's buffet.
Tonight's "special" was turkey and dressing. Everyone ate well, and Mike didn't even order a drink. It was truly a proud moment for me! We didn't end up having cake until almost 10 p.m. We were just too stuffed from the buffet to manage more sweets.
Alisa and I (joined later by Aaron) watched "Elf" with Will Farrell. I'd never seen it before, and it was pretty cute, but the birthday girl kept fidgeting and bending her legs so they blocked the view of the television. I guess she thought she could get away with anything since it was her birthday!
I need to go...gotta get Alisa's paperwork for her new school completed and turned in tomorrow morning as well as get Aaron to weight training by 9 a.m. Good night. Until next time...

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  1. im glad dinner was a success! i sure hope that wasnt me that called and ruined your nap, *sorry* :(