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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Is it Wednesday already?

Wow, what has happened to the last two days (i.e., Tuesday and Wednesday)? I think they have passed like a whirlwind simply because there was so much to do. Yesterday, I arose from my slumber around 8 a.m. and went outdoors to brush and skim the pool. Just like the damsel in distress, however, I left the replacement of the car battery to Mike. Batteries Plus was out of the battery we needed, so Mike decided to go on out to the dealership after withdrawing some cash to pay for it (that just set him back about $100 toward the money he was trying to save to get his tires). We had a coupon making the battery about $10 more than the Batteries Plus model, but it was a "genuine Honda" battery, and it came with a 100 month warranty. I then put out the trash and recycling and gathered Alisa's paperwork for ACA. I called Jamie to make arrangements for Aaron to get to and from weight training this morning. I returned Laura's call from the night before. She wanted Alisa to go to Six Flags with them and spend the night with Taylor after Alisa's party Wednesday morning. I figured it would make for an exhausting day, but Alisa would enjoy the time with Taylor. I called the IRS to see if I could speak with a real live human to check the status of our amended return. The automated system told me I needed the same information requested on the online inquiry, so I hung up. I should've checked with Monica - she was suppposed to look up the exact figures for me when she went to class on Wednesday evening. I thought I'd surprise Mike and schedule his massage since he never managed to schedule it himself the whole while he was off work: 4:45 p.m. with Amanda. That should give him plenty of time to get back from the dealership with my new battery and get good and relaxed before returning to work Wednesday morning. Pleased with the progress on my list of things to do I'd started the day before, I headed out to make copies and drop off the papers around 11:20 a.m.
After Mike returned home sometime between 1 & 2 p.m. (his brother "treated" him to lunch while we were around here scrounging for something to eat!), I called my friend Jaida who is loaning me her textbooks for Maternal Child & Pediatrics for next semester to arrange for pick up. As I was trying to get out the door to get Missy's heartworm meds, meet Jaida to pick up the books, gas up my car, stop by the library and do some grocery shopping, my cousin Yolanda called. She informed me that her mother (my Aunt Faye) had Alex (Yolanda's daughter who is Alisa's age) and they would be calling me to discuss a drop off/pick up time and place. That couldn't have been timed more perfectly. Aunt Faye & I agreed to meet at a McDonald's neat TCC-SE campus where I was picking up the books. So, off I went again, coupon from the internet for Missy's heartworm tablets in hand, to check off some more from my things to do list.
Aaron & Alisa were swimming when I returned home with Alex. Another cousin, Devo, was changing out of his trunks to go to the gym for boxing practice. Alex sat on the side of the pool and had a popsicle. I stayed inside and started dinner. I knew a couple of little people who would be hungry when they got out of the water. I fixed pasta with alfredo sauce (out of a jar), grilled chicken tenders on the George Foreman grill, watermelon (hadn't made it to the store for veggies so had to substitute fruit), and sour dough bread toasted with garlic butter. Alex didn't eat much, but she typically doesn't. A little later (as in going on 10 p.m.) the girls went with me to the grocery store to grab a few items for breakfast and Alisa's picnic. I told them they'd have to be in bed at a "reasonable" hour since we'd have an early start. Remember, too, that Alisa had been swimming so that meant her hair was wild and free!
Mike was true to his usual "end of vacation" behavior. Just as I had predicted, the battery was all he did (besides sit outside and watch the kids swim--I guess that should count for something). He even had me cancel his massage appointment because he'd rather take advantage of a nice relaxing massage when he doesn't have to go to work the next day (i.e., his next "first" off day so he has off day #2 to continue relaxing). He had the nerve to call my cell phone at 1 something in the morning from our bedroom which is literally next door to the office where I was up typing away, to request that I bring him some sherbet. I had to get up from my desk (which you should know is no easy feat if you've been paying attention to prior blogs or visited my house, ever!), stumble through the dark living room taking care not to trip over the black dog who likes lying in the middle of walkways and get to my phone in my purse on the table. Did someone ask why I didn't just turn on the light in the living room? Well, it just so happens that the dimmer switch to the living room light fixture just up and gave out several weeks ago. Mike claims it only costs about $2 for a replacement switch. One would think that it could have easily been taken care of during the 9 days he was off, but no, it wasn't. Imagine my surprise when the caller ID read "home." I knew the kids were sound asleep, but I checked their rooms anyway. I could have sworn Mike was just snoring in our bedroom. Apparently, he awoke to go to the restroom and remembered that he had gone to be without anything sweet. I fixed us both a dip and then went to bed myself.
Either my computer screen is going out, or my eyes are simply too tired to focus. I will have to close for now and bring everyone up to snuff on Alisa's festivities tomorrow. Good night. Until next time...

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