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Thursday, July 9, 2009

'Twas the night before Bailiteal...

...and all through the house, scrapbook supplies lay strewn all about. Adhesives and markers and paper galore are piled here and there and blanket the floor...okay that's about as creative as I can be at midnight with the fragrance from my bubble bath calling out to me to hurry up and come on before the water is cold (again-I originally ran the bath hours ago!). As I mentioned yesterday, I am ready to relax mentally if not physically.
I balanced the checkbook, paid bills, flat-ironed Alisa's hair, cooked breakfast and dinner (plus did the dishes), finished folding laundry, read and responded to e-mails, entertained phone calls and visits, made a trip to Costco to order photos (and gas up Mike's car for him), made another trip to Costco to pick up the prints (and gas up my own van), delivered kids to their Aunt Shannon, and stopped by Lorenzo & Lani's to download photos and take advantage of Snapfish's 50 prints for 50 cents promotion. I even found my latest stack of photos (and some from 2006-07 just waiting to be scrapped), and took down the Christmas "photo" greetings from 2008 from their display atop the upright piano (yes, folks, they have been there since last December; most stores boast "Christmas in July" my Christmas just extends from December to July [smile]).
All of this is to say, I have my materials in one general place, but I have yet to "pack." I figure I'll enjoy my bubble bath and get a good night's sleep then awake at my usual 6:30 and finish the packing process. What I have I have and what I don't I don't. I'm really just not going to stress myself out over what is supposed to be a somewhat relaxing get away. Sure, I'd love to get dozens of pages done, but I'll be happy if I just get the stack of photos I have cropped and ready to scrap. That will be more than I've been able to accomplish since last fall. My goal is to have a place to scrap set up in my own home before summer is over. That way I can do a little here and there and not have to rely so much on these retreats (which I still plan to attend...don't get me wrong!) for catching up for years at a time.
More than once today I've been admonished to stop with the blogging so I can get myself together. Even if I didn't take a few minutes out of my day to blog, I wouldn't be as productive in my packing because I would be thinking of everything I should be remembering to blog. You do what you have to do! Fair enough?
Oh, yes, and congratulations to Warwick and Nicole, the proud parents of daughter #4! I don't have the details because Mom's cell phone died just as Nicole's mom announced, "It's another girl!" Good night all. Until the next time...

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