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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Fond Farewell

Wow, it finally hit home this afternoon. Michael Joseph Jackson really is gone from this world at just 50 years of age.
My day started as it usually does. I got up around 8 a.m., collected the trash and recycling and set it outdoors for pick up. Then, I proceeded to the backyard to work on the pool. Since Mike is off today I thought I'd vacuum the pool so he and Aaron could break down the filter and clean it really well. We should be set for the rest of the summer with just routine chemicals and backwashing. As it turns out, the pressure was so high I had to backwash first then vacuum the pool and backwash again. Aaron stayed out to help me for a few minutes and then he locked me out when he went in! Funny how when we want the kids to lock the doors they're left unlocked; then when we need them to leave them unlocked, they lock them out of habit. Go figure. I stayed outdoors pulling weeds until Aaron responded to my pounding on the sliding glass door. I refused to march around to the front of the house in my nightgown. The privacy of my own backyard is one thing. I'd hate to scare the neighbors to death and make a spectacle of myself in the process.
I came in, ate a bowl of cereal and showered so I could take Aaron to the doctor to see about his earache. It turns out it was otitis externa otherwise known as "swimmer's ear." My alcohol/vinegar solution would help dry up the fluid but not help with the actual infection itself. So, antibiotic ear drops were prescribed. I dropped Aaron by home then headed to Wal Mart to drop off the prescription. I ventured as far as Tom Thumb to return the mealy watermelon I had purchased last week (they gave me my money back as well as a replacement watermelon! how's that for "satisfaction guaranteed"?), the library to return a couple of items, and the bread store. Aaron's prescription wouldn't be ready until 3 p.m. so I returned home where I caught the remainder of Michael Jackson's memorial.
What an emotional remembrance! Lionel Richie singing "Jesus is Love" took me way back. Rev. Al Sharpton choked me up some when he started thanking Michael for all he was to so many. When Brooke Shields took the stage, I knew she wouldn't be able to keep her composure and mine crumbled a bit, too. The phone kept ringing, and I just let it ring.
At 3 p.m. I returned to Wal Mart to pick up Aaron's ear drops: almost $20 for a tiny bottle containing 10 mL. That's 2 teaspoons and the generic drug! I can only imagine what the name brand without insurance must cost. I also picked up a few groceries while I was in Wal Mart. I headed back to the library to pick up the same book I had returned earlier today. I had already renewed it once and could not renew it again, so I had put in a request for the same book so I could finish reading it. I had no idea they would give me the same copy right back! Talk about an extra trip (notice I did no say a waste of a trip)! I won't say it was for nothing, though, because Alisa came with me and checked out a couple of movies for tomorrow's "movie night." I came home and took a nap until I answered a call from Barrett who was in need of some words of encouragement.
In keeping with our "Tex-Mex Tuesday" theme, we had "taco nachos" for dinner and watermelon liquados for dessert. The kids hopped in the pool for a spell while I prepared the taco meat and doctored up the cheese sauce. Aaron was doing "football drills" in the shallow end and, hopefully, being mindful not to get that ear wet.
I passed by Barrett's place and left a couple of items figuring he could use some cheering up when he got in from work. I taught Alisa how to play backgammon and we started a game. Mike finished my round because Barrett had been by his apartment and then came by to inquire as to who could have possibly left the card, balloon and smiley face "cookie" (frosted cake top) in his apartment. Alisa, Aaron & I played UNO after Alisa won at backgammon. (Tonight was game night on Alisa's calendar of events for the month.)
Even having had a nap earlier, my eyes are drooping right about now. I'm certain I did or will leave out some boring little details, but I am fading fast. Tomorrow I need to get in gear and really accomplish something meaningful around this house! I need to organize my stuff for the scrapbook retreat and help Alisa get some things together for Lani's garage sale this Saturday so we can deliver it before I leave on Friday. I've determined that my first step to getting this house organized is: I must clear out the "workout room" which is about to be transformed into my scrap/craft room. That will free up some space in my office, so I can make better (functional) use of that space for studying and household stuff like paying bills and clipping coupons. It is all so overwhelming. I sometimes joke that after my career in nursing gets off the ground, my next job will be as a personal organizer. People will pay me big bucks when they see my own "before and after" pictures! If only I could ever get to the "after" part. I definitely have my work cut out for me! (By the way, guess who never did break down the pool filter, so the pump isn't running and the algae is growing?) Good night. Until next time...

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