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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Short and sweet

Okay, I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet. For one thing, the only time I left the house today was to take Aaron to weight training and then to pick him up again, so I really don't have a lot of "running around" to document. For another, I'm really trying to get a few NCLEX questions done before I turn in, and it's already after midnight.
My goal for today was to begin the process of organizing my scrapbook stuff for the upcoming retreat. The more I go on these things, the less I accomplish because I wait until the night before and can't find anything that goes with anything else. I then just load up everything I can think of and head for the bed and breakfast. I spend more time trying to organize my stuff than actually scrapping. While I manage to get some pages done, it's nothing like the women who come with pictures labeled in baggies and paper and stickers organized according to different themes. They sit down, break out their stuff and get some serious scrapping done while I'm fumbling around looking for a specific shade of blue to match my photos or a package of stickers I just know I bought but cannot find (probably because they've been left at the house in the original shopping bag sitting on the floor of the dining room or somewhere!) It dawned on my about halfway through the day that today is Wednesday. YIPES! Today and tomorrow are my only chances to get my act together. I don't want to haul down a bunch of stuff I won't need/use and not have the stuff I do need, so I really want to be organized. It is 12:44 a.m. (on Thursday if you want to specific) and I did make some headway in my future "scrapbook/craft room." However, I don't have anything together for the trip. I took a nice long nap (once I turned the ringer off on my bedroom phone), finished all but one load of laundry and caught up the dishes, so my day was not in vain. The clock is ticking loud and clear, now, though. Part of my problem with being prepared is that these retreats are a success for me even if I don't get any scrapping done. Just the opportunity to eat good food I didn't have to slave in the hot kitchen to prepare, to actually sit down and eat with everyone else (as opposed to everyone at the table hopping up for seconds by the time I get to sit down to a plate of lukewarm food), and to go to bed, get up, scrap, nap or whatever whenever I choose to make the trip worthwhile. Getting pages done is an added bonus :-) Do I even have any photos printed to scrap?! Yes, I'd better get on the ball. I'm off to (1) do my NCLEX questions; (2) have a dip of Blue Bell; (3) get some rest so I'll be well-rested for the remainder of today-I'm thinking there will be no nap. I have to help Alisa get her things together for Lani's garage sale, get my stuff together for the weekend and get some photo downloading tips from sister-in-law, Lani, when she gets off of work--a full day's work. Good night. Until next time...

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